First Clip from Paranormal Activity 4

2012/09/24 17:00:19 UTC

It's almost October, so we'll start seeing more of Paranormal Activity 4 as we get closer to its October 19th release date. The first clip from the movie has just been released and we have it for you to watch.

Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and have returned for the sequel, which sees a return to the present day. Although it's unlikely we'll see a detailed plot synopsis, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the first trailer and know that this story follows up on the events of the second film.

Paranormal Activity 4 will officially be released on October 19th, but there will be a number of early screenings across the country determined by demand. For more information on how to request a screening in your area, visit:

Source: Yahoo!
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