First Details on Haunt

2012/08/28 15:14:28 UTC

It has recently been announced that QED International will finance and produce a new horror film, titled Haunt. QED has been involved with Neill Blomkamp's District 9 and Elysium, and is interested in moving into horror territory. This original horror story has been written by Andrew Barrer and involves a family who move into a haunted house:

"A family that moves into a new home with a dark past. When their son becomes involved with a beautiful girl next door, and together they begin to explore their sexual awakening, they unwittingly invoke an alternative dimension of the house."

This will be the first feature film directed by Mac Carter, who is known for his commercial work, and production is scheduled to begin this November. We have no casting or additional plot details at this time, but with production starting so soon, we should have more information on the near future. Here's a look at the sales poster for the film:

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