Zombie-themed adventure races are growing more popular each year and we're seeing them pop up all over the world. Area Z is a newly announced "Zombie Apocalypse Event" that will start in New York later this year and we have the first details:

"Production company 40-30 Productions announced the launch of Area Z, a thrilling new adventure concept that will outbreak across the nation this summer, in multiple cities including New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. In Area Z, participants will find themselves in a post zombie apocalypse world, where they must train to survive against the walking dead. Participants will get to choose their own fate and revel in the thrill of the chase.

This advanced Z-day training ground provides live-action adventure where participants can either choose to be one of the Living or a Zombie. The Living participants will have to run from and fight off the unending throngs of Zombies wandering through the fields and woods trying to “infect” them. The Living can work individually or in a group to secure as many flags from the Zombies as possible. The main objective for those choosing to be Zombie participants is to chase, catch, infect and scare as many of the Living as possible and “infect” them by also taking as many flags as they can.

Area Z welcomes zombie enthusiasts, groups of families, friends, bachelor parties, bachelorettes, team building events and more. For more information and the full schedule of Area Z events, please visit www.escape-area-z.com"