A high school custodian battles the literal demons of his past in Hell Wanted, directed by Braxton Fannin, and we have a look at the first images from the upcoming horror movie:

"In 1980, seventeen-year-old Wallace made a blood oath with a demonic text and murdered his competitor in order to land a spot on his high school hockey team. After destroying his victim's body and the infernal book by fire, he went about his life... but forty years later, working as the high school's janitor, Wallace is about to come face-to-face with his tortured youth. Students have begun mysteriously disappearing from their after-school jobs and, with history prepped to repeat itself, this seemingly-mild mannered custodian is going to have to battle the demons from his past if he wants a fighting chance at saving the present."

Hell Wanted is directed by Braxton Fannin, and written by Austin Phares and Braxton Fannin. It stars William Balzac, Maite Elias-Nava, Caitlin Dullahan-Bates, Connor Vasile, and Joseph Melendez; and is produced by Austin Phares.