The killer of Camp Crystal Lake, the cannibalistic chainsaw-wielder of the Sawyer household, and the dream slayer of Springwood are included in Kidrobot's new line of horror Madballs, and if you have fond memories of collecting the popular toy line back in the ’80s, then you'll be pleased to know that Best Buy is now selling the new horror Madballs, and we have a look at images of all six iconic members of the creepy toy collection.

Featuring Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, a Facehugger, a Xenomorph, and a Predator, Kidrobot's four-inch foam Madballs can be purchased at Best Buy for $9.99 apiece. We have official images and details below, and visit Best Buy's website for more information.

From Best Buy: "Have a screaming good time with this 4-inch Jason Voorhees Kidrobot Madballs foam ball. It's soft, so it won't break your furnishings if thrown indoors.

Play a game of catch with this Freddy Krueger Kidrobot Madballs foam ball. It makes a good addition to any horror memorabilia collection and measures 4 inches for easy handling.

Start a movie themed collection with this 4-inch Predator Kidrobot Madballs foam ball. Its squishy, soft construction and colorful graphics are fun for both kids and adults.

Expand your toy collection with this Leatherface Kidrobot Madballs foam ball. It measures 4 inches for versatile play, and it can be squished or tossed depending on your preferences.

Squeeze this Xenomorph Kidrobot Madballs foam ball to your heart's content. This 4-inch sphere is durable for indoor or outdoor play, and it retains its original shape for long-lasting use.

Squish, squeeze and throw this 4-inch Facehugger Kidrobot Madballs foam ball. It's soft construction is good for playing catch, and the creepy design is more fun than scary."

Images via Best Buy:

Source: Best Buy
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