Moviegoers who thought they had seen the final chapter got a grisly surprise at the cineplex when Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning rolled reels in 1985. Jason Voorhees was back! Or was he? At any rate, the infamous hockey mask was being spotted near one unfortunate halfway house in the Danny Steinmann film.

Celebrating Friday the 13th in style, the fine folks at Fright Rags pay tribute to A New Beginning with their new Midnight Madness T-shirt, which features Pam Roberts and Reggie fleeing from the fateful farmhouse, with Jason (or someone dressed up as Jason) wielding a butcher's blade.

Available until 12:00am EST tonight, Fright Rags' Roy's Revenge T-shirt is expected to ship in late March and is available for $18.00 in T-shirt sizes Small – 5x-Large and women’s shirt sizes Small – 2x-Large. To learn more, visit:

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