We have another bit of haunted attraction news to share with our readers today. Fright Dome in Las Vegas will be back this Halloween with a brand new haunted houses based on The Collector and The Collection:

LAS VEGAS – July 25, 2013 – Just when you thought there was safety in numbers… one of the nation’s top-ranked haunted attractions introduces its first ever isolation-style haunted house themed around Fortress Features’ horror film THE COLLECTION. Beginning Thursday, Oct. 3 Fright Dome takes over The Adventuredome at Circus Circus with five additional houses including one themed around the disturbing traps and ghastly scenes from the studio’s first installment in the franchise, THE COLLECTOR.

For the first time in 11 years Fright Dome is increasing the number of haunted houses within the sweeping 250,000 square foot haunted theme park attraction from five stand-alone mazes to six. The sixth house, a solo haunted house, appropriately named “Hotel Argento” will take only upgraded fast pass guests into the depths of the Collector’s lair. Separated from friends and forced to enter alone, guests will forge their way through traps and snares, the Collector’s demented assortment of barely coherent victims, museum-esque displays of lifeless prey and much more. All while being hunted themselves. Will they make it out… or will they become the next victim added to his meticulous collection?

The collaboration between Fright Dome and Fortress Features will also yield a second themed house that will take on attributes from THE COLLECTOR, the first installment of the popular movie franchise. Guests will happen upon a seemingly normal home which they will quickly recognize has been overtaken and its inhabitants tormented and trapped by a disturbing intruder. Maneuvering their way through the booby-trapped house, guests must try to escape despite the desperate pleas of the captured and the maniacal advances of a disturbing killer.

“This incredible opportunity to work with Jason and his team to create Collector themed haunted houses will spawn the most horrific fan experience I could imagine,” said Brett Forbes producer of THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION.

Jason Egan, owner and creator of Fright Dome said, “We’ve always had one of the top haunted attractions in the nation and I have been able to team up with amazing movie partners for incredible themes over the years. I couldn’t think of a better fit for our isolation-style haunted house, or for any haunted house for that matter, than the story behind THE COLLECTOR. The overall premise behind the movie is every horror fan’s worst nightmare- being singled out and hunted by a devious villain. I’m thrilled that our fans have embraced this event every year allowing us to grow and make this year truly the most ominous yet.”

Egan will be working closely with the mastermind behind the Collector movies, Director Marcus Dunstan, to re-create every shocking element from the two films. Dunstan co-wrote the films with Patrick Melton. Dunstan and Melton’s break came from the Bravo series PROJECT GREENLIGHT, which documented the making of the duo’s first horror script FEAST into a film. FEAST spawned two sequels as Dunstan and Melton went on to write SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI and SAW 3D. Currently, Dunstan and Melton are adapting the Capcom video game GOD OF WAR into a feature film, and have begun writing the supernatural-actioner, OUTLIERS.

“This living nightmare is a dream come true!” Dunstan beams; “It is an honor to be a part of Fright Dome’s Halloween attraction. As a child who loved scary stories… growing into the kid who adored horror movies, and later, becoming the fortunate adult who had the chance to help create a few fears of his own... this whole experience is a childhood wish come to life. Jason Egan is a rare soul who embraces the haunted world of horror with absolute affection. For Jason, this is an annual labor of love. I am grateful beyond words THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION will unleash upon the Las Vegas Fright Dome this October! And… I apologize in advance: there will be no mercy. Leave your nerves at the door. Wear a diaper. And watch your back!”

Alongside famed Hollywood FX guru Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Egan’s team will have spot-on replicas of the props, masks and traps from the big screen. Over the years Tunnicliffe has been responsible for the makeup, props and special effects for more than 70 feature films. He has worked with actors such as Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and Robert DeNiro. Directors including Patrick Lussier, Stephen Norrington, Renny Harlin, Tim Burton and Wes Craven have relied on Tunnicliffe’s Los Angeles-based company Two Hours in the Dark. Franchises such as HELLRAISER, HALLOWEEN, CANDYMAN, EXORCIST, BLADE, SCREAM and many more have entrusted their success to his twisted ingenuity.

Fright Dome is open from 7 p.m. to midnight Oct. 3-31 on select nights. General admission tickets start at $32.95 and fast pass tickets are available for an additional $15 to $20 which allows express line entry for all six haunted houses. For more information, please visit frightdome.com .