Fright Rags has released a number of shirts for the holiday season, but their latest design is easily our favorite of the bunch. Continue reading for more details on "Clark's Revenge", along with their new Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 shirt:

"It wouldn't be very festive of us to get through the entire holiday season without at least a couple nods to our favorite yuletide films! So today I bring you two holiday-themed goodies to gift yourself because hey, you deserve a lil' something too!"

CLARK'S REVENGE: "Christmas Vacation" has been required holiday viewing in my house ever since I saw it in the theaters back in 1989. Every single year my family gathers around to laugh again at Clark W. Griswold's festive follies. Truth be told, I've wanted to do a shirt for this film ever since I started Fright-Rags but well, it's not necessarily a horror movie now is it? It was just a matter of time before we finagled a way to make it work. Take it, Russ...

GARBAGE DAY: I'm pretty sure "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2" falls firmly into the "so bad, it's bad" category of horror. Considering at least 75% of the movie is scenes from the first, it's almost hard to call this one a sequel. At least until Ricky snaps, and it gets real as he lets loose on unsuspecting civilians with a penchant for waste removal! So grab one of these and celebrate the infamy that is -- GARBAGE DAY!

Fright Rags also has a limited quantity of their Black Christmas shirt available, and just released their limited edition Jack Shinington design. For more information, visit: