Fans of the Alien franchise had plenty to celebrate on the first ever Alien Day back in April, but Fright Rags is keeping the Xenomorph-themed party going with the unveiling of their Aliens 30th anniversary collection, featuring several designs based on the beloved 1986 film.

Priced at $27.00 apiece for the T-shirts, $37.00 for the baseball tee, $12.00 for the socks, and $47.00 for the box set (which is limited to 500 items and comes with an exclusive T-shirt, lobby cards, and sticker), the Aliens shirt collection items will be available to order beginning next Wednesday, June 22nd on Fright Rags’ website.

The collection features artwork by Justin Osbourn, Abrar Ajmal, Christopher Lovell, Jeff Zornow, Paul Shipper, and Christopher Franchi. We have photos of the apparel below, as well as official details:

From Fright Rags: "On Wednesday, June 22, we will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary with a brand new collection of shirts, baseball tee, socks, and an exclusive limited edition box set (check out the making of it HERE). Take a look below to see what’s coming up!"

Images via Fright Rags:

Source: Fright Rags
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