Fright Rags channels the cellar-dwelling evil of the Naturom Demonto to celebrate the upcoming 35th anniversary of The Evil Dead with an apparel collection that includes six new T-shirts, a baseball tee, socks, and a poster.

Priced at $27.00 apiece for the T-shirts, $37.00 for the baseball tee, $12.00 for the socks, and $10.00 per poster, The Evil Dead collection items will be available to order beginning on Wednesday, June 8th at 10:00am EST on Fright Rags' website.

The collection features artwork by Justin Osbourn, Christopher Franchi, Coki Greenway, Christopher Lovell, Scarecrowoven, and Joe Guy Allard, respectively. Below, we have photos of the apparel, as well as official details:

From Fright Rags: "We've released a few different shirts based on the film over since Fright-Rags began in 2003. Most notably, our collection based on Evil Dead 2 in 2013 and our exclusive Ladies of the Evil Dead box set in 2009. While those were big releases, we've launched a collection of several designs based on the original film.

On Wednesday, June 8 at 10am EST that will all change as we will be releasing our exclusive Evil Dead collection for the film's 35th Anniversary. Take a look below to see what we will have in store!"

Source: Fright Rags
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