**UPDATED** Fright Rags has been teasing something special to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Evil Dead II and their plans have finally been revealed. They will be offering not one, but two limited edition T-shirts this time around. And for those that are Evil Dead fanatics, they are also offering a replica of the Necronomicon:

"These limited edition items will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting promptly at 12:01am EST Wednesday, October 10 through 11:59pm EST Sunday, October 14."

**Updated: Sadly, there has been a change of plans due to likeness approval and only one of the shirts will now be offered. Please take a look at the link below for the new lineup. Here is part of a message that Fright Rags sent out:

"With any major license we sign such as this, we are required to get full approval on all items we plan to produce and sell. This is nothing new to us, and we've dealt with it on many occasions. This project was no different, and we've spent the past several months working on getting approvals on everything from the Necronomicon box, to the collector's box, the magnets, etc. and until just a couple weeks ago, we were set to go except for one minor detail. With this particular license, we were also required to get Bruce Campbell's approval on his likeness.

We have worked with Bruce before on a few other designs that were Evil Dead related and the process has been very quick and easy, with our designs being  approved with no problems. Even with this project, we were assured that it would come, it was just somewhat later than expected as he's been filming. While I knew we may have to make a couple tweaks here and there to parts of the designs, no indication was given that either of the designs could, or would, be turned down completely.

Unfortunately, that was a mistake. I talked to our agent last night and while Bruce is willing to approve the Graham Humphreys design that is included in the box set, he did not approve the Justin Osbourn t-shirt design (Special Edition T-Shirt) that was to be sold on its own and included in the Necronomicon box set. There was no specific reason given, nor any notes as to what to change - just an overall disapproval. With that, we can not release that particular design as scheduled.

So, I've had to make some changes to what will be released on Wednesday. In short,there will be no special edition shirt for $25.95. We will still be releasing the collector's box (complete with the Graham Humphreys shirt) as planned for $49.95, as well as the Necronomicon box set. However, since it will only have one shirt, we are reducing the price of the Necronomicon box set to $225 (from $250). Please click the image below (or right here) to see a revised product page with all the new details as to what we are releasing on October 10."

We've included preview images of all three items below and you can learn more at: