Stephen King and George A. Romero grew up reading EC Comics. The macabre mayhem packed within those paneled pages provided horrific food for thought to the minds that would later produce awesome works of terror. Now Fright Rags is paying tribute to the timelessly influential horror comics publisher with a set of limited edition T-shirts featuring designs of classic EC Comics covers.

Fright Rags' EC Comics shirts will be available for pre-order beginning this Friday, September 26th at 10:00am EST, and they are set to ship in early November. Expect a 5-6 week shipping period on all orders. These customized shirts are $27 per item, limited to 250 apiece, are printed in full color on 100% cotton shirts, and are available in the following shirts and sizes:

  • T-shirt – Small – 5x-Large
  • Girl Shirt – Small – 2x-Large
  • Zippered Hoodie (+ $20 design on back) – Small – 3x-Large

The artists and titles of the shirts are as follows:

  • EC Comics VI by Jack Davis
  • EC Comics V2 by Al Feldstein
  • EC Comics V3 by Johnny Craig

If you dig all the designs and plan on purchasing every shirt, you’ll want to try to snag one of Fright Rags' 200 limited edition EC Comics box sets that are available for $115 and include:

  • All three EC Comics Limited Edition shirts (V1 - 3 below)*
  • Exclusive EC Comics Logo Baseball Tee (only available in this set)
  • EC Comics Fan-Addict Patch
  • EC Comics Replica Fan-Addict Certificate
  • Collector's Box

*Available in S - 2x. All shirts will ship in the size selected - Fright Rags is not able to mix sizes.

Here’s what the folks at Fright Rags had to say about their latest limited edition release:

"Founded 70 years ago, EC Comics has published some of the most definitive horror comics of the 20th Century. Over the years the comics have corrupted millions of young minds with now-iconic horror stories, read while hiding under the sheets at night — including Tales from the Crypt with our favorite storyteller, The Cryptkeeper!

Today, I'm proud to announce our EC Comics Limited Edition Collection of shirts, with classic designs from 3 of the most gruesome EC Comics covers, to pay homage to the company that started it all. Click the link below to find out what ghoulish goodies we have coming up next Friday, September 26!"

  • Derek Anderson
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    When he’s not writing about horror as the Senior News Reporter for Daily Dead, Derek can be found daydreaming about the Santa Carla Boardwalk from The Lost Boys or reading Stephen King and Brian Keene novels.