Happy October, readers! I mean, I know it technically isn’t October quite yet, but let’s be honest: we’re all ready for Halloween, so it might as well be October already. One of my favorite things about this time of year is that it gives me a good excuse to watch as many horror movies as I can over the next 31 days (not that I necessarily need an excuse, but it definitely motivates me!).

These days, we have a variety of options to watch genre movies beyond our own home media collections, so over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a series of themed streaming lists that should undoubtedly scratch any sort of cinematic itch you might be having this Halloween. To get things started, here’s a look at all the vampire and werewolf-themed films you can find on various streaming platforms out there—some are free services (Vudu and Tubi TV), and some are paid services (Hulu, Netflix Instant, Shudder, and Amazon Prime), so whether or not you’re an avid streamer, or a horror fan on a budget, there are plenty of options below to keep you entertained throughout the month of October.

Happy Watching!

Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000 (Available on Hulu)

Dracula slakes his blood thirst and begins a renewed search for love in New Orleans in this horror film.

Dog Soldiers (Available on Amazon Prime & Tubi TV)

Deep in the woods, a band of soldiers battles against beasts like they've never seen before. Only a few can live until dawn, who will survive?

Blood of the Vampire (Available on Amazon Prime)

A man and wife are terrorized by Mad Scientist Dr. Callistratus who was executed but has returned to life with a heart transplant. Along with his crippled assistant Carl, the 'anemic' Mad Scientist, believed to be a vampire, conducts blood deficiency research on the inmates of a prison hospital for the criminally insane to sustain his return to life.

Blade (Available on Hulu & Vudu)

Wesley Snipes stars in this action-packed thriller as the immortal vampire hunter Blade, who uses his awesome power to battle the vampires led by his mortal enemy, the omnipotent vampire overlord Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff). The undead have infiltrated the corridors of power intent on conquering all mankind; now, against an army of immortals, one warrior must draw first blood.

Blade II (Available on Hulu)

Blade is half man and half vampire and consumed by a desire to avenge the curse of his birth and save the human race from a blood-drenched Armageddon.

Blade: Trinity (Available on Hulu)

Deep in a remote desert, vampire leaders are resurrecting Dracula, the horrific creature who spawned their race. Now known as Drake, this awesome vampire has unique powers that allow him to exist in daylight.

Late Phases (Available on Shudder & Amazon Prime)

When deadly beasts attack from the forest, it is up to a grizzled veteran to uncover what the residents of a secluded retirement community are hiding.

Embrace of the Vampire (Available on Tubi TV)

An innocent young woman must choose between her boyfriend and a mysterious, handsome vampire, who tries to seduce her in her dreams.

My Mom’s A Werewolf (Available on Amazon Prime)

After being bitten by a mysterious pet-shop owner, house-wife Leslie begins a gruesome transformation into a werewolf. Her only hope is her young daughter Jennifer who races against time to stop Leslie from turning into an animal for good.

Bloodsucking Vampires (Available on Vudu)

When an office worker at a soul-crushing company loses a promotion to his longtime nemesis, he begins to fear for more than his job as strange disappearances and bizarre deaths suggest the office is turning into a haven for the undead.

A Girl Walks Home At Night (Available on Shudder)

The first Iranian Vampire Western, Ana Lily Amirpour's debut feature basks in the sheer pleasure of pulp. A joyful mash-up of genre, archetype and iconography, its prolific influences span spaghetti westerns, graphic novels, horror films, and the Iranian New Wave. Amped by a mix of Iranian rock, techno and Morricone-inspired riffs, its airy, anamorphic, black-and-white aesthetic and artfully drawn-out scenes combine the simmering tension of Sergio Leone with the surrealism of David Lynch.

Howling III (Available on Amazon Prime & Tubi TV)

After fleeing her family, a female werewolf falls in love with a filmmaker while soldiers hunt her and her kind in the Australian Outback.

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (Available on Tubi TV)

When a successful book author has a mental breakdown and moves to a new town to regroup, she is suddenly tormented by demons and werewolves.

Howling V: The Rebirth (Available on Amazon Prime & Tubi TV)

A group of tourists visiting an ancient and spooky Hungarian castle don't realize that they’ve somehow brought in a bloodthirsty werewolf.

Howling VI: The Freaks (Available on Amazon Prime & Tubi TV)

An evil carnival owner traps a young werewolf for the purpose of including it in his growing cast of inhuman exhibits, with deadly results.

Scream, Blacula, Scream (Available on Tubi TV)

The vampire Manuwalde is revived by a voodoo cult, leaving him free to attack new victims, but takes an interest in a voodoo priestess who may be able to put his soul to rest.

An American Werewolf in London (Available on Hulu & Amazon Prime)

David and Jack arrive in Northern England for a walking tour. One night, a beast attacks them, killing Jack. Weeks later Jack returns to warn David that a werewolf was their assailant, and that he is now a werewolf.

Kiss of the Damned (Available on Shudder)

A Hollywood writer develops an obsession with a seductive female vampire, leading him into the hidden world of the eternal. When her violent sister arrives and unleashes her anger on the local town, loyalties are put to the test, and the entire vampire community is threatened.

Def by Temptation (Available on Tubi TV)

A sexy female vampire is hell-bent on destroying Joel, a young theology student. Will he be able to resist her charms, or just be one more victim?

Rockula (Available on Amazon Prime & Vudu)

Ralph is a sexually frustrated vampire who suffers from a peculiar curse. He's condemned for eternity to watch his one true love, Mona, be murdered by a ham bone. Now it's 1990, and Ralph is determined to break the cycle of reincarnation and death. But, before he can think about saving Mona's life, his first order of business is winning her affections. He does that by starting Rockula -- a rock band that's sure to stake a claim on her heart.

Cursed (Available on Hulu)

From the 'Scream' team of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson comes this terrifying tale of teenage werewolves in L.A.

Thirst (Available on Shudder)

A vampire cult kidnaps a descendant of the evil, blood-crazed Countess Bathory, hoping to reboot her depraved legacy and create a vampire master race. Now Kate must try to escape from the Brotherhood’s human blood farm, but the group’s leaders, David Hemmings (DEEP RED) and Henry Silva (ALLIGATOR) and their ultra-evil female henchmen, won’t be so easily outsmarted. This Ozploitation classic starring Chantal Contouri (THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN) is one of the most unique vampire movies ever made, and a direct precursor to 2009’s Australian cult vampire flick DAYBREAKERS.

Vampire in Brooklyn (Available on Hulu & Amazon Prime)

As the vampire Maximillian, Eddie Murphy is the most diabolical, dashing and definitely undead dude in the hood. Angela Bassett plays the cop whose world is rocked by Maximillian's attempts to make her his mate for eternity.

Bad Moon (Available on Shudder & Vudu & Tubi TV)

An adventurous photojournalist is unknowingly altered after being bitten by a strange beast in Nepal.

Dan Curtis’ Dracula (Available on Shudder & Amazon Prime)

Jack Palance stars as Count Dracula in this newly-restored and terrifying adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire legend written by sci-fi/horror master Richard Matheson and produced by the legendary Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows).

WolfCop (Available on Hulu & Shudder)

One evening during the late shift, Lou investigates a mysterious disturbance at the edge of town and wakes up with a pentagram carved in his chest, heightened senses and body hair that’s growing at an alarming rate.

Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride (Available on Tubi TV)

Van Helsing, the notorious vampire hunter, is on a quest to find Dracula, his cohorts, and his bride before they grow too powerful.

Ginger Snaps (Available on Amazon Prime & Vudu & Tubi TV)

Death-obsessed sisters, outcasts in their straight-laced suburb, must deal with the tragic consequences of a werewolf bite in this chilling coming-of-age drama.

Ginger Snaps 2 (Available on Tubi TV)

Imprisoned in a rehab clinic, a female werewolf fights to keep her transformation at bay, while planning an escape with an eccentric fellow patient.

Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (Available on Tubi TV) 

After surviving a shipwreck, sisters Ginger and Brigitte wander to a remote Canadian outpost, under assault from werewolves.

Once Bitten (Available on Vudu)

A centuries-old vampiress comes to Los Angeles and stalks male virgins --she needs their blood to retain her youth and beauty. Her targets are left with an appetite for raw hamburgers and a tendency to sleep during the day so as to avoid sunlight.

Vidar the Vampire (Available on Tubi TV)

A bored, lonely farmer leading a monotonous existence on his mother’s farm prays for an exciting life without boundaries and wakes up as a vampire.

Full Moon High (Available on Vudu)

A high-school football star's life changes after his strange, right- wing father takes him on a vacation to Transylvania...where he is bitten by a werewolf.

Count Dracula’s Great Love: Elvira’s Movie Macabre Edition (Available on Tubi TV)

Five stranded travelers take refuge in the legendary Castle Dracula. When one of the travelers falls in love with Dracula, she must choose between her mortal soul and an eternity as Count Dracula's great love.

Werewolf of Washington: Elvira’s Movie Macabre Edition (Available on Tubi TV)

While on assignment in Hungary, a young reporter is attacked by a mysterious animal. And when he returns to the United States as the President's press assistant, authorities begin to find political socialites ripped apart by a similar creature.

Stake Land (Available on Shudder)

A rogue vampire hunter mentors a young boy in post-apocalyptic America.


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