Starring Boris Karloff and Bela Legosi (and based on Robert Louis Stevenson's story of the same name), The Body Snatcher is coming to Blu-ray on March 26th from Scream Factory, and we've been provided with the full list of special features for the anticipated release.

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA – A literary classic becomes a horror classic when given the Val Lewton touch. Scream Factory proudly presents The Body Snatcher for the first time on Blu-ray on March 26, 2019, featuring a new 4k scan of the original camera negative and new featurette. Fans can preorder the film now at

The two titans of horror Boris Karloff (Frankenstein) and Bela Lugosi (Dracula) come together in their last on-screen pairing in The Body Snatcher.

Horror icon Boris Karloff plays the title role in the Lewton adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's fictional short story The Body Snatcher, directed with subtle calculation by versatile Robert Wise (West Side Story, The Sound of Music). A doctor (Henry Daniell – The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake) needs cadavers for medical studies and Karloff is willing to provide them one way or another.

Special Features:

· NEW 4K scan of the original camera negative

· NEW You’ll Never Get Rid of Me: Resurrecting THE BODY SNATCHER

· Audio Commentary with director Robert Wise and writer/film historian Steve Haberman

· Documentary – Shadows in the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy

· Still Galleries – posters, lobby cards, movie stills

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