With a new Jurassic World movie on the horizon and the 25th anniversary of the first Jurassic Park film lurking around the corner like a crafty Velociraptor, Funko is celebrating the characters from the original movie with new Pop! vinyl figures.

Slated to come out this February, you can view the new Jurassic Park Pop! vinyl figures below, including a Target-exclusive Dr. Ian Malcolm figure that shows the iconic Jeff Goldblum character after he was injured during an encounter with a Tyrannosaurus rex. Will you be adding these Pop! vinyl figures to your collection?

From Funko: "Jurassic Park fans, get excited! To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic film’s appearance on the silver screen, Jurassic Park is coming to Pop!

Pop! Movies: Jurassic Park

This series of Pop! features paleontologist Dr. Grant, Jurassic Park CEO John Hammond, mathematician Dr. Malcolm, and embryo-smuggler Dennis Nedry!

We couldn’t forget the Jurassic Park dinosaurs! Featured in this line are the great T.rex, Velociraptor, and Dilophsaurus!

Look for the Dilophosaurus chase! A rarity of 1-in-6.

Be on the lookout for exclusives! At Target you can find a wounded Dr. Malcolm.

Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus 2-pack is available only at Entertainment Earth.

Coming in February!

Dr. Ellie Sattler in Pop! Rides coming soon!

Images from Funko, Entertainment Earth, and Funko Pop Hunters:

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