Wielding a massive meat tenderizer fit for a colossal cannibal, The Keeper is perhaps the most unsettling and imposing figure faced by Detective Castellanos in Bethesda's new survival horror game, The Evil Within. The folks at Gaming Heads are transporting the game's terror off-screen with two versions of The Keeper statue, one of which shows the writhing tentacles of the lockbox.

The Standard Edition of The Keeper is priced at $269.99 and is limited to 750 items, while the Exclusive Edition sells for $299.99 and is limited to 350 statues. The Exclusive Edition comes with an additional, open lockbox head and displays blood-red tentacles.

Both figures have a height of 15 inches, were created by artist Goran Sadojevich, and will be released in the second quarter of 2015. We have the official details and a look at the statue from Gaming Heads:

"Gaming Heads is proud to unveil The Keeper: A horrifying new enemy found within Bethesda Softworks' 'The Evil Within™'. The Keeper stands atop a crate of human remains in his bloodied apron and gloves, wielding his stained 'meat tenderizer' and spiked bag of bloody body parts.

High quality polystone molding has allowed Gaming Heads to capture The Keeper in all his grisly details. Special painting techniques have also been applied to the Keeper to give every facet of the statue a realistic appearance; from the bloodstains on his clothes to the rusted metal barbed wire. The Keeper stands approximately 15 inches tall, from the bottom of the cracked tile base to the top of his heavy safe head.

The exclusive edition of The Keeper includes an additional head, which portrays the door on The Keeper's head wide open, and unleashing a mass of horrifying tentacles from within.

The statue comes in deluxe, full-color packaging, and includes a hand-numbered base, and a certificate of authenticity, which allows you to purchase the same model number for future releases in The Evil Within™ range of statues."

Source: Gaming Heads
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