As a “thank you” to fans for the success of Godzilla Minus One at the US box office, Toho International has announced a special one-week screening window for the newly remastered black & white version, titled GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR.


“I was very happy that the North American audience embraced GODZILLA MINUS ONE and gave us positive feedback such as "it was incredible! ," "it was scary!," and "it made me cry!” And now I am very pleased to be able to release a black-and-white version for North America as well. GODZILLA MINUS ONE /MINUS COLOR will bring a new and visceral experience to audiences and I hope they will tremble with a new kind of terror!”

“GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR is not just a simple black and white version. Our colorist took the time and care to go through a very meticulous and complex process. The black-and-white images make Godzilla look very realistic and documentary-like, which leads to even more fear. Even though we have seen GODZILLA MINUS ONE many times, we felt that something completely different appeared here -and it’s very scary! So this is not only for those who liked GODZILLA MINUS ONE but also those who are seeing it for the first time – they should definitely see this black-and-white version. Especially the scene at the beginning where Godzilla appears in the night - it is so terrifying that it made my knees shake!’

GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR hits us theaters on Friday, January 26th. To find screenings in your area, visit: