Godzilla vs Biollante will be released for the first time in the US on Blu-ray and DVD this December. Echo Bridge is handling the release for Miramax, which will be available starting on December 4th for $14.99 (Blu) and $6.99 (DVD).

According to Toho Kingdom, the movie will be presented in it's original aspect ratio and the source is the same that was used for the Japanese Blu-ray version. Features are expected to include two Japanese language tracks, new English subtitles, and the previously released English dub track.

Special features have not yet been finalized, but will include audio commentary and a number of bonus features. The original report speculates that we may see extensive deleted scenes included on the disc as well.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray versions are already available for pre-order at Amazon. For those that haven't seen the 1989 film, here's a brief plot description:

"In the chaos following the Green One's rampage in the previous installment, clean-up crews discover a large quantity of sloughed-off cells from the radioactive behemoth, which become the source of some international intrigue as agents from a fictitious nation nab a quantity of the cells from American mega-corporation BioMajor. The cells fall into the hands of obsessed scientist Dr. Shiragami, who intends to cross-breed them with plant life. After his daughter is killed in a sabotage attempt by BioMajor, Shiragami determines that her spirit has occupied a special rose bush... which, naturally, the loony Doc decides to splice with Godzilla cells, producing a 30-story-tall tentacled rose-monster dubbed Biollante."