If you've ever wondered how you would fare in a horror movie and you live in the Los Angeles area, then you're in luck, because Great Horror Campout is coming to town this June. Tickets for the immersive 12-hour horror-themed event are now on sale.

This year's Great Horror Campout in Los Angeles will take place at the Griffith Park Old Abandoned Zoo and will features an evolution twist in which participants can use the power from one of four stereotypical horror movie characters: the Jock, the Nerd, the Cheerleader, and the Virgin:

Press Release -- "(Los Angeles, CA – May 14, 2015) Back by popular demand, Ten Thirty One Productions (TTO), the worldwide leader in producing live horror attractions, brings the Great Horror Campout to Los Angeles for two nights only on Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6.

The 12-hour, overnight, interactive “choose your own adventure,” horror camping experience will return bigger than ever with all new creatures and features. Compete for the coveted title of “Hellmaster” in this year’s all new immersive Hell Hunt, where SCAG (Shit Campers All Get) will be rewarded rather than found. Face the hordes of monsters, solve puzzles and compete in physical challenges in order to stay in the game. Expect to get entombed in a mass grave, be the hunter and/or the hunted in the latest evolution of Blood Tag. Prepare to use creative thinking and problem solving to survive the night and much more.

This year, the “Game has Changed,” as campers will receive a superpower based on four stereotypical horror archetypes: the Jock, who will receive physical advantages; the Nerd, who gains intellectual help; the Cheerleader who’s been endowed with distraction abilities; and the Virgin, who possesses survival skills.

"Every camper will be wearing their tribal markings and superpower all night long. It's going to look incredible to see hundreds of campers scratching and clawing their way to victory adorned in the games ever evolving culture," says Ten Thirty One Productions CEO Melissa Carbone. This year’s event will blow campers’ minds whether they are coming for the first time, a returning camper or even a Hellmaster."

Enjoy all new Hell Hunt zones such as Ramball, where campers are placed inside a giant ball and bombarded by goat-headed monsters. Get ready to be soaked in a mixture of blood, mud and slime in order to win SCAG items in the new Human Sponge zone and much more. Survive through the Morning Challenge, and get inducted into the elite group of Hellmasters.

The Great Horror Campout offers campers a choice to sleep in two- or four-person tents. Campers can choose their level of engagement when they choose their activities and tent zone. The experience can be an extreme horror adventure or a more mild horror adventure based on preference.

"Campers can turn down the level of scare by booking in the Yellow Tent Section, the Chicken Zone, which is a safe zone. They can venture out into the activities and challenges and turn up the volume on the experience by engaging in the more extreme activities or continue to play it safe with the safe zone activities. And when all else fails, any camper can use the safe phrase "I want my mommy" to stop the action at any time," says Carbone.

The Great Horror Campout will take place in the Griffith Park Old Abandoned Zoo located at 4730 Crystal Springs Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90027. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.com with 4-person tents starting at $109 per person to 2-person tents for $159 per person. Space is limited and based on availability. Campers will select their tent space online during the purchase process. Persons Under 18 years of age will not be admitted. For more information, please visit the Great Horror Campout website, www.greathorrorcampout.com and stay current on the latest developments through social media, including:

Ten Thirty One Productions, LLC is an Entertainment Company focused on the Horror genre. Launching one of the most popular Horror attractions in LA, "Los Angeles Haunted Hayride" in 2009, TTO has quickly grown as one of the premiere horror genre attractions companies in the country. A major component in the business model has and will always be a strong social awareness element that is integrated into the content of the attractions. For example, Environmental Conservation, Animal and Wildlife Welfare, City Park Preservation and more are issues that are addressed in creative ways in every TTO production."

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