After exchanging tense words, characters with deadly agendas use their guns to solve a dilemma at the saloon in an exclusive clip from Scott Martin's new Western Big Kill.

Below, you can check out our exclusive clip from Big Kill, which is coming to On Demand, Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 19th from Cinedigm.

Synopsis: "After the death of his wife, Jim, the accountant, has come from the East to join his brother in business. Jake and Travis, two misfit rogues with one foot on each side of the law, have come from the south after being run out of Mexico under a hail of gunfire. What they find in the West is a wild ride, a fight for survival, and a moment of decision that will change them all forever."

Big Kill stars Christoph Sander ("Last Man Standing," Ghost Whisperer), Jason Patric "(Speed 2: Cruise Control, The Yellow Birds) , Michael Paré (Gone, The Virgin Suicides), Clint Hummel (The Quick and Undead, "Master of None"), Elizabeth McLaughlin ("Hand of God," "Betrayal"), K.C. Clyde (Everybody Loves Somebody, Do No Harm), Stephanie Beran (Planet of the Sharks, Battle Force), Lou Diamond Phillips (Stand and Deliver, "Longmire"), Scott Martin (P-51 Dragon Fighter, Battle Force), and Danny Trejo (Machete, Predators).

Derek Anderson
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