The fine folks at Narragansett Beer continued to hear "The Call of Cthulhu" last month with their release of the I Am Providence Imperial Red Ale, the fourth H.P. Lovecraft-inspired beer from the brewing company.

The I Am Providence Imperial Red Ale is based on Lovecraft's enduring quote about the love he had for the Rhode Island capital. The Cthulhu-centric design for the red ale was fittingly created by Gunsho, a Providence artist with a unique style.

As with the previous releases in their Lovecraft Series, this beer is available on the East Coast in six-packs of 16-ounce tallboys for about $12.99 per pack.

Below, we have official details and photos of the beer, and to learn more, visit:

From Narragansett Beer: "Roll out the Barrel: At 8% Alcohol by Volume and 62 IBUs, the I Am Providence Imperial Red Ale is our latest brew to honor the works of Providence’s darkest son, H.P. Lovecraft.

Quality Supreme: I Am Providence is brewed with Pilsen, CaraRed, Vienna, Special B, and American Red Wheat malts and hopped with Warrior, Willamette, CTZ, Hallertau Blanc, and Citra hops to build a complex, surprisingly easy drinking, and balanced beer.

Taste & Enjoy: I Am Providence pours a mysterious dark red with a complex amalgam of flavors. The blend of malts lead to flavors of biscuits and sweet caramel, and the Warrior and Citra hops bring aromas of pine and citrus that meld on the palate to create an intriguing balance.

The History: The latest chapter in the Lovecraft Series pays tribute to Lovecraft’s adoration for his hometown by heralding his famous words – “I Am Providence.” Later inscribed on his gravestone in 1977, this resonant phrase lives on as a tribute to Lovecraft and anyone who has ever called Providence home."

Photos from Narragansett Beer:

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