Earlier this week, Hannibal fans received the devastating news that NBC would not be moving forward with the show after season three. But in an era when Community can live on after being dropped by NBC, Hannibal isn't dead yet. In a recent interview with Vulture, Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller discussed the remainder of Hannibal Season 3 and its potential continuance at a new home.

Fuller discussed how his current gig as showrunner on STARZ's American Gods series adaptation would affect future Hannibal endeavors:

"It would be a case of staggering two productions so that I could do both. We’re not on a network anymore, and that means we’re not on a network schedule.

There would be a small gap if there is a fourth season because of my obligations to American Gods. I want to make sure, while launching a new series with my partner Michael Green, that we’re not taking away from either Hannibal or American Gods. They both have to be equally serviced."

Since NBC didn't finance Hannibal internally, Fuller touches on how the series can still live on:

"Well, NBC canceled the show on NBC. So I guess they did cancel the show. But that does not preclude us from being able to take the show elsewhere.

Fuller mentioned that Hannibal has a number of options for a new home (including Amazon), but that Netflix isn't one of them:

"I know that it can’t go to Netflix because the Amazon streaming deal for Hannibal would preclude Netflix from being able to stream it in a way that would benefit them.

Fuller hinted at what season four of Hannibal—should one come to fruition—would look like:

"Season four would be a reexamination and reinterpretation of the Will Graham–Hannibal Lecter relationship in a fashion that is unlike anything else we’ve done in the show. So it is, in many ways, a whole reinvention of the show, in an exciting way."

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Source: Vulture
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