Johnny Blaze is burning a trail out of Hell and straight to collectors' shelves with Sideshow's Ghost Rider sixth scale figure that honors the Marvel character with a stunningly detailed depiction.

Priced at $219.99 apiece and slated to be shipped sometime between December 2017 and February 2018, Sideshow's Ghost Rider sixth scale figure stands 12 inches tall and is also available in a Sideshow exclusive edition that features interchangeable hands engulfed in Hellfire.

To learn more, visit Sideshow online, and check out the official details and photos below.

From Sideshow: "Marvel’s Ghost Rider has inhabited many bodies over the years, but our newest sixth scale figure pays homage to a classic, the legendary Johnny Blaze.

This biker from hell has been brought to life by our artists with an attention to detail that simply has to be seen to be believed!

Each and every crease and fold of his painstakingly tailored wardrobe, from the individual buttons on his high-collared leather-effect biker jacket to his microscopically stitched jeans has been lovingly reproduced.

Even his sculpted biker boots and signature “JB” belt buckle have been hand-painted and weathered for the ultimate realism.

His grinning skull is enshrouded in eerie semi-translucent flames that creep up from below his collar and wrap around his neck.

This highly articulated 12” sixth scale figure comes with three (3) pairs of hands (fists, expressive hands, chain holding hands) providing numerous posing options for display.

Ghost Rider is also sold complete with a steel dart-tipped chain for ensnaring evil-doers and dispensing his own hellish brand of justice.

The Sideshow Exclusive version features swap out hands wreathed in Hellfire.

Expected to Ship: Dec 2017 - Feb 2018


Photos via Sideshow:

Source: Sideshow
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