There are enough children in the world scared of regular clowns, let alone one that has been hired specifically to terrorize them. For our fun bit of news for the day, we've learned of a clown that you can hire to scare your child on their birthday.

According to the Herald Sun, Dominic Deville offers his services as an evil birthday clown and was inspired by his love of horror films:

"For a fee, actor Dominic Deville dresses up in a deathly clown mask and contacts his child 'victims' in the Swiss city of Lucerne to tell them he is watching them.

His 'evil clown' service unfolds further as he teases his targets with texts, phone calls and booby-trapped letters, warning them that at some point during their birthday party, he will throw a cake in their face, the Austrian Times reports."

Kids in Switzerland must be different from kids elsewhere, because he claims that children "absolutely love" being terrified by him: "It's all in fun and if at any point the kids get scared or their parents are concerned, we stop right there,"

Dominic may be a little too far away for most people to hire. However, if you have the spare change, and don't think it will permanently traumatize your child, he probably wouldn't say no to an international flight.