We've been covering the Image Comics series Hoax Hunters, which just saw the release of its fifth issue this week. The series will be taking a short break, but it has been announced that a new story arc will kick off in January. We've been provided with concept art from the upcoming issues, along with a short film that was created as a teaser for fans of the series:

This January, HOAX HUNTERS returns with an all-new arc, “Haunchyville.” The story takes on the myth of the gnomes of Haunchyville, Wisconsin, and their albino king. But before the new arc—starting in issue #6—is released in stores, a short film has been made to tease the coming storyline.

The film (directed by filmmaker James Cooper) introduces the Hoax Hunters Hunters, a group that is on to the HOAX HUNTERS’ true agenda of covering up the dark corners of the world, via their reality television show.

“Steve and I see the video as a way to enhance what the HOAX HUNTERS are all about—YouTube clips, campy scares, that’s what reality shows like Destination Truth thrive on,” co-creator and writer Michael Moreci said. “We want to have fun with that.”

The first HOAX HUNTERS trade—which collects issue #s 0-5 and features an introduction from Fact or Faked host Ben Hansen—releases December 5.

“Both Mike and I are very excited about the reception for the first arc of Hoax Hunters,” Steve Seeley, co-creator and writer said. “We are confident that the next arc (and those that follow) will only help our success with the book.”

Issue #6 releases January 16 from Image Comics and and is available for pre-order in the October issue of Previews. It features a cover from artist Jenny Frison (Revival).