Happy Monday, everyone! We’re kicking off a new week of Daily Dead’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide with tons of apparel and accessories that should be helpful as you continue working your way through your holiday shopping lists this season. Read on for all the gory details, and be sure to check back here every day through Friday for more frightfully fun gift ideas, right here on Daily Dead!


If I’m being perfectly honest, there have a been a lot of brilliant t-shirt designs to come out in 2019, but Mondo’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey series of shirts are my absolute favorites of the entire year. Mondo has some other great genre-specific apparel that you can pick up this holiday season, so be sure to check out their website HERE.


If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you are already well-acquainted with Fright-Rags and their endlessly awesome merchandise, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. As someone who has been shopping with FR for more than a decade now, I love how they continue to evolve as a retailer, and the addition of lounge pants to their offerings just made me love Fright-Rags even more.


Cavitycolors has been doing the Dark Lord’s work for quite some time, and they continue to impress with their killer designs that have become fan favorites amongst genre fans over the last few years (for real, I’ve seen folks rocking CC shirts at nearly every horror-themed event I’ve been at as of late). Check out just a few of their great apparel offerings, including the recently released Elvira Holiday shirt, which just SLAYED me:


Based out of Chicago, Creepy Company has done a great job of expanding their variety of merchandise over the last several years, and I adore so many of their designs, but their awesome apparel offerings are absolutely top-notch. Be sure to check out all of Creepy’s fiendishly fun merch!


As a sucker for anything retro horror-themed, pretty much all of Studiohouse Designs’ creations are, in my opinion, to die for. I love their VHS stacks t-shirts, but also, how rad is their Tom Atkins rules shirt? Studiohouse’s apparel regularly sells out quickly (for good reason), so don’t delay in checking out their online store.


One of my favorite recent purchases is this Debra Hill Tribute T-Shirt from Tees-En-Scene, which is the best way to show off your love for one of the best producers in cinematic history, genre or otherwise. If you’re a big Debra Hill fan, you’ll definitely want to order one for yourself (or for a friend!). TES also recently added this shirt celebrating The Wachowski Sisters to their repertoire as well, and it’s pretty damn awesome.


I like to show Middle of Beyond a lot of love every year with the HGG, simply because they have great products and outstanding customer service (they went above and beyond getting me an order last year in time for Christmas, and they didn’t really need to). MOB does incredible work with their collection of sweaters and cardigans, and I cannot recommend them enough (my fella owns both the Ghostbusters and Bigfoot cardigans, and he absolutely loves them and lives in them during the winter months).


I’m a longtime fan of Tee Fury because there’s always something new and fun to discover on their site, and they also work with tons of independent artists. Here’s a look at just a few of their recent t-shirt design releases that horror fans would love to get this holiday season:


If you’re looking to support indie artists more directly, Redbubble is a great site to do so. They’re always having sales, and they have so much more to offer beyond just great t-shirts, too (as someone who has ordered from them in the past, I can say that the quality of their shirts is top-notch). Here’s a look at just a few horror-themed designs I fell in love with over at Redbubble:


There’s a lot to be said about Last Exit to Nowhere’s subtle approach to geek apparel, which is why they’ve always stood out to me, and I’ve always included them in every year of the HGG. They have a wide array of shirts for all types of movie fans, but here’s a look at some of Last Exit’s apparel made specifically for horror lovers:


I still wear my Terror Threads Camp Arawak shirt on a regular basis, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include them hereafter a few months, too), and they’ve become a company I regularly keep an eye on just because they offer up some rather unique themes and apparel for horror properties you don’t often see (and of course, they still show their love to the classics as well). Check out a few of Terror Threads’ items below!


I discovered Forever Midnight last year, and I absolutely fell in love with all of their super rad offerings. Not only is their Sutter Cane shirt like one of the best “simple designs” ever, but I really dig their Dream Warriors Holiday Sweatshirt that they put out this year. Be sure to check out their entire collection of apparel!


I am a huge fan of all the jewelry from Final Girl Designs—and more specifically, Jennifer McCarthy—so it was hard figuring out which pieces to highlight here. Suffice to say, any of FGD’s jewelry would make for a great gift to put in someone’s stocking or leave under the tree this Christmas season, so be sure to check out McCarthy’s entire selection of items for sale.


Here’s a look at just some of the brilliant horror-themed jewelry that is currently available from various Etsy shops:


Be sure to check back here for more horror gift guide ideas in the coming days, and happy holidays to our readers from all of us at Daily Dead!

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