From Pinhead to the Chestburster, Hollywood Collectibles Group has paid tribute to the horror genre's storied history in life-size fashion, and now they're adding Haddonfield's very own boogeyman, Michael Myers, to their collectible life-size busts lineup.

Available as both an HCG exclusive version with an arm and a butcher knife (limited to 150 items) and a regular edition without the arm and knife (limited to 500 items), Hollywood Collectibles Group's Michael Myers life-size bust stands at about 24 inches tall and is expected to arrive on doorsteps in early 2020, giving collectors plenty of time to spare before setting it up to greet trick-or-treaters next autumn.

The new life-size bust is based on Myers' masked appearance in John Carpenter's Halloween, in which he was played by Nick Castle.

You can view a gallery of the HCG exclusive Michael Myers life-size bust below, and to learn more, visit:

HCG Exclusive Michael Myers Life-Size Bust: "We are proud to present this magnificent life-size bust of Michael Myers – as he appeared in the iconic 1978 horror movie Halloween.

This amazingly lifelike bust features synthetic hair and real fabric coveralls for added realism. It comes complete with a Halloween themed display base.

Constructed from fiberglass and mixed media, this incredible piece of art is then painstakingly hand painted to the finest detail.

This HCG exclusive edition includes a separate arm, complete with knife, that can be attached to the bust for more display options. A regular edition is also avaiable click here for more information.

This intricately detailed bust is the definitive centerpiece for any Halloween collection!

Dimensions: 24” Tall Approx.

Edition Size: 150 pieces worldwide

Availability: Pre Order

Estimated to Ship: 1st Qtr 2020

Price: $899.95"

Photos from Hollywood Collectibles Group:

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