As Mother Nature prepares to swap the summer breeze for a crisp autumn wind, Horror Decor has begun to unveil their Halloween products for 2016, including vintage mask pillows and pot holders, unconventionally creative scented candles, and more:

Press Release: It's that time, once again, to celebrate the best time of year, Halloween. As the days shorten, temperatures cool, and leaves start to change color, the excitement for All Hallows' Eve is in the air. From the jack-o'-lanterns on the porch, to kids running through the streets, dressed in their favorite costume, swinging a full plastic pail of candy, to enjoying your favorite pumpkin flavored beverage on a crisp, fall evening; what's not to love about the Halloween season? Enough excitement, let's get to all the new Horror Decor goodies!

Last year, we released three vintage Halloween mask pillows (The Devil, Frankenstein, and Wolfman). We have received a whole lot of requests to bring them back and we happily obliged. Not only are we bringing back the three original designs, but are also introducing three new designs by Frank Browning. The new vintage mask pillows are The Mummy, The Skull, and The Witch.

We love the vintage Halloween masks so much, that we decided to turn them into kitchen pot holders as well. The pot holders each feature the mask in a costume box and are a great way to decorate your kitchen for the season.

Up next is the "Rules of Halloween" Candle Set. This four-pack of tin candles includes: "Wear A Costume" which has a fresh-out-of-the-package face paint aroma, "Pass Out Treats" smells like sweet candy treats in a plastic pail, "Never Blow Out A Jack-O'-Lantern" has a pleasing pumpkin scent, and finally, "Always Check Your Candy" which is reminiscent of your favorite candy bar, with something sinister hidden inside. One of each candle is included in the set and comes packaged in a burlap sack.

When Halloween comes to mind, so does Sleepy Hollow. Now you can bring part of this spooky, small town to your home, in the form of a garden flag.

We released a Pumpkin Beer candle last year that people loved, so we decided to create a new version of that candle, along with wax melts. This orange candle features the Killer Pumpkin Ale label design and is a pleasant pumpkin beer scent.

Finally, we created a matching pot holder and placemat set featuring a sinister jack-o'-lantern design. They're sure to bring a festive touch to your kitchen or dining room.

Check out all of Horror Decor's new Halloween products here:

Stay tuned for info on part 2...

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