"They're rotten to the core." If Sam from Trick ’r Treat doesn't get you if you don't honor the rules of Halloween, then the creepy children in Bad Apples might pay you a visit instead. We have a trailer and key art for Bryan Coyne's new horror film in today's Horror Highlights, as well as info on Popcorn Frights Film Festival's early screening of Mom and Dad, details on the Los Angeles premiere screening of the new werewolf film Bonehill Road, and an update on the home media release of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.

Bad Apples Poster & Trailer: Press Release: "They're Rotten to the Core.

On Halloween night, two malevolent children terrorize a young innocent couple in their home, subjecting them to a Halloween they will never forget in Bad Apples, premiering on VOD this February from Uncork’d Entertainment.

It’s Halloween night, and two “bad apples” decide to play some wicked tricks on the one house in a suburban cul-de-sac that is not celebrating Halloween. They terrorize a young couple in their home and these tricks become increasingly more sinister as the night progresses, finally ending in a Halloween the entire neighborhood will never forget.

Brea Grant (“Dexter”, A Ghost Story), Graham Skipper (Beyond the Gates), Andrea Collins (The Hospital) and Danielle Reverman (Infernal) star in a Bryan Coyne film, out 6/2 on VOD."


Popcorn Frights' Early Miami Screening of Mom and Dad: "One week before it's release, Popcorn Frights Film Festival will be hosting an early screening of MOM AND DAD. Friday, January 12th at O Cinema Wynwood in Miami, Florida.

You’re not going to want to miss Nicolas Cage’s insane new horror movie! Mommy and Daddy ain’t alright, and they’re definitely more than a little weird in this pitch-black horror comedy that imagines a 24-hour nightmare where parents worldwide succumb to a mysterious mass hysteria that turns them violently against their own children."

To learn more about Popcorn Frights' special Miami screening of Mom and Dad, visit:



Bonehill Road Los Angeles Premiere Screening: Press Release: "BONEHILL ROAD is a fun, scary, old fashioned werewolf film starring scream queen Linnea Quigley.  Bringing back the monster movies we loved for a new generation of Horror fans.  It is both retro and original, a hybrid of styles and ideas that is sure to excite horror audiences both old and new. Created in the same style as the original HOWLING, An American Werewolf In London and Dog Soldiers. 

BONE HILL ROAD’s Los Angeles premiere is set for Jan. 26th at 9:30 pm at the Regency theater in North Hollywood located at 6355 Bellingham Ave (at Victory Blvd) North Hollywood, Ca 91606. Scream queen and star Linnea Quigley will be in attendance along side Director Todd Sheets and additional cast and crew. It will be followed by the premiere of Personal Demons (presented by Terror Toons) directed by scream queen Brinke Stevens, who will also be in attendance.

Tickets can be purchased at the following link, both General admission and VIP Admission are available but selling fast (VIP admission incl. a signed DVD and autographed 8”x10” from scream queen Linnea Quigley):


“Werewolves are my favorite monsters of all time.”  Director Todd Sheets said.  “And BONEHILL ROAD is truly my dream project, something I have wanted to do for years. It’s an exciting, non-stop ride through a living, breathing nightmare that the fans of werewolf movies have been waiting for!!!”

BONEHILL ROAD features ALL practical special effects and NO CGI, like the classic horror films fans love.  Uncompromising, Original and Vicious…. modern Horror meets Classic Monster movies for a thrill ride like no other! 

Last year, Todd and his local Kansas City crew, Extreme Entertainment, completed the movie Dreaming Purple Neon. After being selected at 57 film festivals world wide, Dreaming Purple Neon is available now from Unearthed Films. Buy your copy here: http://amzn.to/2qDQZU2"


Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Release Date Delayed: Originally slated to come out on home media beginning January 30th, Death Race: Beyond Anarchy and the Death Race 4-Movie Collection will receive a new release date for later this year by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. We'll be sure to let Daily Dead readers know the new release date when it's announced, and in case you missed it, here's the official synopsis, trailer, and cover art for the upcoming Blu-rays:

Danny Trejo returns as the ruthless bookie, Goldberg, in the wildest, bloodiest, Death Race ever in Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. After a failed attack on inmate and legendary driver, Frankenstein, Black Ops specialist Connor Gibson (Zach McGowan, “Black Sails”) infiltrates a super-maximum federal prison with one goal - enter the immoral and illegal Death Race and take Frankenstein down. Connor enlists the help of Baltimore Bob (Danny Glover, Lethal Weapon) and Lists (Fred Koehler, “American Horror Story”), and unexpectedly falls in love with bartending beauty, Jane (Christine Marzano, Rules Don’t Apply). Connor will have to fight for more than his life in this brutal world of no guards, no rules, no track, and no fear.

The wildly anticipated next installment of the popular Death Race franchise, this Universal 1440 Entertainment original production brings fans along for the deadliest competition on wheels, where brutal fights and explosive car races abound. An action-packed thrill ride, this all-new movie is the grittiest and bloodiest installment yet from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, in association with Impact Pictures/Chestnut Productions.

Strap yourself in for an insane thrill ride inside in Death Race 4-Movie Collection, featuring an all-star cast including Jason Statham, Danny Glover, Tyrese Gibson, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames and Zach McGowan. Death Race is the brutal racing sport, where hardened criminals and smoking-hot navigators drive to survive or die trying. Packed with incredible stunts and brutal fight scenes, get ready for the non-stop barrage of high-octane thrills that will leave you pinned to your seat!

Death Race: 4-Movie Collection includes Death Race, Death Race 2, Death 3: Inferno, and Death Race: Beyond Anarchy and will be available in 2018."


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