The Season 2 finale of Collection Complete is dedicated to Killer Klowns from Outer Space! Also: a trailer for Morbid Colors and the trailer for D-Railed (along with DVD and digital release details).

Collection Complete Season 2 Finale Details: "The Killer Clowns That Came Back! – Collection Complete 2.11.

Unearthed by the docu-series Collection Complete (which takes an in-depth look into the lives of artists and the collections that fuel their work, as presented by Gemr, an app for collectors worldwide), the show’s Season Two finale takes a rare look at a pair of screen-used props from the 1988 cult film Killer Klowns from Outer Space, which serendipitously found their way back to Los-Angeles based filmmaker and collector Sean Clark, as well as offering up a sneak peek at what the popular series has in store for Season Three.

The show’s nineteenth episode (past installments of Collection Complete have ventured into the personal collections of filmmakers Mike Mendez of Tales of Halloween fame and designer, artist and pinup Micheline Pitt, among others), future episodes are set to dig into the whereabouts of actor James Remar’s vest from the 1979 cult flick The Warriors, the world of stage-used KISS guitar and memorabilia collecting, one of the largest Barbie collections in the western hemisphere, screen-used props from some of the most famous horror and sci-fi films ever made, and a whole lot more.

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Watch the New Morbid Colors Trailer: "Synopsis: Written and directed by Matthew Packman and co-executive produced by stars Kara Gray and Lanae Hyneman, “Morbid Colors” follows the troubled journey of Devin and Myca, two foster sisters bound by horrific pasts. When Myca returns from a months-long runaway trip with an insatiable thirst for human blood, Devin is hurled into her sister’s relentless quest to hunt down the creature responsible.

Production Credits

Written & Directed By

Matthew Packman

Executive Producers

Kara Gray

Lanae Hyneman

Produced By

Jakob Bilinski

Tye Wilson

Edited By

Matthew Packman

Director of Photography

Matthew Packman

Music Supervisor

Lanae Hyneman

Original Music By

Daniel Roach

Story By

Matthew Packman

Kara Gray




Their contribution was a major component of this trailer.



Official Website:"


D-Railed Trailer and DVD & Digital Release Details: "D-RAILED comes to DVD and Digital August 6.

Sci-fi superstar Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, “Millennium”) features in the award-winning D-Railed, on DVD and Digital August 6 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

The Dale Fabrigar directed horror film, currently sweeping awards on the festival circuit, also stars Shae Smolik, Frank Lammers, Carter Scott, Everette Wallin, and Tonya Kay. The film was produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions (“10th and Wolf”).

A woman boards a train that derails into a lake in the middle of the night. She, along with other surviving passengers find themselves trapped within the sinking wreckage. They discover what lies beneath the surface is far more terrifying as they fight to stay alive against a deadly predator determined to kill them one by one!

D-Railed on DVD and Digital August 6 from Uncork’d Entertainment."

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