COMET TV has plenty for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy fans to enjoy with their May lineup, including Jim Henson's Labyrinth. In today's Horror Highlights, we also have artwork and details on El Gigante: The Comic and streaming info for Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl, which is now available to watch on Shudder.



Ray Harryhausen Films – Airing all Month

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)

Sunday May 7 at 11:30AM/10:30C

Friday May 12 at 4P/3C

Monday May 22 at 6P/5C

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973)

Sunday May 7 at 1:30PM/12:30C

Saturday May 27 at 10P/9C

The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960)

Sunday May 7 at 4P/3C

Friday May 26 at 10P/9C

Jason and The Argonauts (1963)

Sunday May 7 at 6P/5C

Friday May 12 at 6P/5C

Tuesday May 23 at 6P/5C

Labyrinth (1986)

Friday May 12 at 8P/7C

Saturday May 13 at 8P/7C

Thursday May 18 at 6P/5C

Sunday May 28 at 6P/5C

The Bride (1985)

Friday May 19 at 8P/7C

Saturday May 20 at 8P/7C

Sunday May 28 at 4P/3C

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)

Friday May 26 at 8P/7C

Saturday May 27 at 8P/7C

Wednesday May 31 at 6P/5C

Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

Saturday May 13 at 2P/1C

Thursday May 18 at MIDNIGHT/11C

Troll (1986)

Monday May 8 at 8/7C

Sunday May 21 at 2P/1C

Troll 2 (1991)

Saturday May 13 at 4P/3C

Monday May 15 at 6P/5C

Stargate SG-1 is back on COMET! Your favorite gate-hopping action series returns with back-to-back episodes Monday through Thursday at 8/7C, with encores of both episodes airing at 10/9C.




You asked for it, you got it. Every Sunday in May, we’ll be airing episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that have never been seen before on COMET! The fresh injection of MST3K goodness begins May 7 at 8/7C with Cave Dwellers, followed by The Day the Earth Froze. On May 14 it’s The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, then Hercules. May 21 brings Hobgoblins, followed by Indestructible Man. And then we’re closing out the month on May 28 with The Phantom Planet and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.



El Gigante: The Comic: Press Release: " We all recognize LuchaGore Productions for their gritty, gory, and incredibly entertaining films. But most of all, we love LuchaGore because of their most memorable and successful film called El Gigante.

El Gigante touched the hearts of horror fans world wide and now LuchaGore is proud to present "EL GIGANTE: THE COMIC" in both English and Japanese.

With its new GRAPHIC & BOLD colored take of Mexican Lucha Libre, it will leave you breathless, blood thirsty. A true revival of the film, only this time your imagination can run wilder and bloodier.

Daiju Kurabayashi & Hiro Fujii came together with LuchaGore Productions to create a new brand of Horror on paper. The artistic Japanese signature of Kurabyashi and Fujii mixed in with LuchaGore's gritty Tex Mex, is a perfect combo of nightmares that will leave you wanting more!

Get your copy now at

Synopsis: "After attempting to cross the US/Mexico border in search of a better life, Armando awakens in an unknown room, his body broken down and a Lucha Libre mask sewn into his neck. He attempts to escape, but is surrounded by a sadistic family, who watch him with hungry eyes. The only chance for Armando’s survival in this hellish nightmare is to last in a wrestling match against the most terrifying villain of all: GIGANTE!""


Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl: The new horror film Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl is now available to stream on Shudder.

"Directed by A.D. Calvo and starring Erin Wilhelmi (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Knick) and Quinn Shephard (Hostages, Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere Blame), the thriller film explores the mysterious friendship between quiet Adele and seductive Beth, which blossoms while Adele takes care of her agoraphobic aunt."

Synopsis: "When Adele (Erin Wilhelmi) is sent to look after her aunt Dora, she hopes to bond with the kind lady who cared for her as a child. But Dora won’t leave her room and barely speaks. So when Adele meets the seductive Beth, her lonely life improves for the first time. After Beth pushes her to shirk her duties however, Adele faces a dangerous reckoning. Who is Beth and what does she want from Adele? From performances to visual style, A.D. Calvo’s queer supernatural chiller evokes the eerie atmosphere of 70s and 80s horror in much the same way Ti West did with THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL."

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