Fright Rags travels to a place that is deceptively "so wholesome, so squeaky clean you could only find it on TV" with their new collection of shirts based on the cult ’90s series Eerie, Indiana. In today's Horror Highlights, we also have a look at trailers and release details for Dave Parker's It Watches and Nathan Williams' If There's a Hell Below.

Eerie, Indiana Shirts from Fright Rags: Press Release: "Despite only airing for a single season, Eerie, Indiana made an impact on a generation who grew up in the '90s. Alongside shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps, it served as a gateway into the horror genre for many kids. Journey back to the center of weirdness with Fright-Rags' Eerie, Indiana collection.

Artist Matt Ryan Tobin created three designs: "Eerie, Indiana" features the familiar town sign that greeted viewers at the top of each episode; "World o' Stuff" has the logo for the mysterious store within the series; and "ATM with a Heart of Gold," from the memorable episode of the same name, depicts sentient ATM Mr. Wilson.

All three designs are available on both unisex and girls shirts."Eerie, Indiana" and "World o' Stuff" are also available as enamel pins, with first pressings limited to 150 pieces.

The Eerie, Indiana collection is available at Shirts will ship in 3-5 days, and enamel pins are in stock now.

Fright-Rags’ next release will be a Midnight Madness tee, available exclusively for 24 hours on Saturday, November 12. This one highlights a scary scene from a non-horror movie."


It Watches Trailer, Poster & Release Details: Press Release: "Director Dave Parker’s “unpredictable terror tale” It Watches premieres on Digital this December from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Ivan Djurovic (Zoombies), Rick Irwin (30 Minutes or Less), Sanny van Heteren (Hellraiser : Revelations) and James Duval (Donnie Darko) star in a film that will “keep you guessing the entire time” and “delights in delivering the shivers.”

Andre, recovering from a recent accident, agrees to help his friend Robert by taking over a house sitting job at a creepy home nestled in the hills above Los Angeles. As night comes, the house reveals its insidious nature as Andre begins hearing ominous sounds and experiencing strange occurrences throughout the house that lead him to believe he is not alone, and that someone, or something is in the house with him.

From the director of The Hills Run Red and Tales of Halloween , It Watches arrives on digital 12/6 and 2/21/17 on DVD."


If There's a Hell Below Trailer, Poster & Release Details: Press Release: "Deception, lies and secret encounters fuel the gripping paranoid thriller IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW, about a fateful meeting between a journalist and a whistleblower. The powerful debut by director Nathan Williams comes to Digital HD and DVD on December 6, 2016.

Abe is an ambitious young journalist at an independent Chicago weekly. He has a lead on a story that could make his career. Debra, a woman claiming to work in national security, has a serious revelation to leak. She insists on meeting Abe in a desolate place in the American West - perhaps because it is near her undisclosed work site, or perhaps because she will only reveal her information in absolute isolation.

In minutes, they will meet. An hour later, one of them will be dead. This simple premise expands into multiple layers of depth as the tension is raised to almost unbearable levels.

Bathed in paranoia, IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW is a cinematic journey down a rabbit hole of betrayal and surveillance where credibility is the only measure of trust, and the fate of one life or millions may hang in the balance.

Featuring standout performances by Connor Marx (TV's Leverage, Lucky Them) and award winner Carol Roscoe (Gamers: Dorkness Rising), Nathan Williams' political thriller is a tense, unnerving exploration of the use and abuse of power and the terrifying ramifications it has when held in the wrong hands.

The Hollywood Reporter called IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW "a spare, subdued thriller." Indiewire said, "The topical film about whistleblowers and journalists will offer no shortage thought-provoking themes." Twitch Film called it "a meticulously crafted tale of government secrets and whistle blowers in a post-Edward Snowden world."

IF THERE'S A HELL BELOW, which had its world premiere at the 2016 Slamdance Film Festival, joins The Fifth Estate, Citizenfour and Mr. Robot as vivid and disturbing depictions of the unsettling times we live in."

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