Do you remember the Friday the 13th Nintendo video game from 1989? Well, a fan film based on the game now has an Indiegogo campaign. From comes Friday the 13th: Game Over. Continue reading for more details. Also in today's Horror Highlights: Ghoster release details, the New Jersey Horror Con lineup revealed, and details on DREAD's new AVOD app and Chronic Horror series.

Friday the 13th: Game Over Indiegogo Details: From Michael Ramova: "I'm a filmmaker with 22 years of experience as a Director, Writer, Cinematographer and Editor. I also have 25 years of experience as an Illustrator and Artist.

I loved the 1989 LJN Friday the 13th video game when I was a kid! Adding zombies to Crystal Lake was a phenomenal idea! It was a more frightening scenario that just having one maniac trying to kill you. I always wished for a movie version of the game but it never happened... we can make it happen.

We want to shoot a large scale fan film based on the 1989 Nintendo LJN video game. Purple Jason, zombies attacking counselors as they save children by throwing "rocks" the enemies. Two years ago I shot a really small scale version of this concept. I ran an Indiegogo campaign asking for $1000 and folks donated. Thankfully many were very pleased with the short... except me. The film was incredibly rushed (shot in two days), under budget, did everything alone and my friends were the actors. I figured people would laugh at the ridiculous idea of a purple Jason chasing green, blue, red campers with zombies everywhere, so I didn't take it seriously. Quite the contrary, people loved the idea and you guys even wanted a sequel! I want to make a much better, bigger, bloodier, sexier, longer film with real actors and great special effects. I want to give this another swing and again I need your help.

I want to translate the game to film. 8-Bit Jason, different color counselors, zombies, cabins, children getting rescued, the weapons in the video game, etc. The movie is set up in the 1980s. The story is pretty simple, counselors getting killed in creative horrifying grotesque ways by Jason and the zombies. Two endings: In one ending a female counselor wins and in the other "you and your friends are dead". I want it to feel like Fulci and Carpenter got together to make this movie.

Since I want to make a more professional slick-looking film this time I will need $13,000. I want to make a 13-15 minute short and each minute cost about $1000. The money will be used for gas, actors, special effects, props, crew, fog, equipment, and unexpected costs. I also, want to hire artists to help me with the creation of posters and publicity. This is a fixed funding project, so either we do this right or we do something else in the future. Jason deserves a kick-ass fun bloody film and I need you guys to help me make this happen."

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Ghoster Release Details: "A young man attempts to survive The Gallowing, the deadly initiation into the secret Guild of Ghosters, five families of Malevolent hunters that have protected Britain from evil spirits for centuries. To complete his mission and join the ranks of his ancestors he must hunt down a Malevolent in the most haunted house in London or die trying.

Acclaimed comic writer Thom Burgess (Malevolents,The Eyrie) and award-winning filmmaker Toby Meakins (Breathe, Floor 9.5) have teamed up to create GHOSTER - A dark, supernatural world with a rich hidden history that spans centuries and reaches across continents. A world where the malevolent spirits that feed on the pain, suffering, and death of humans are only kept at bay by an almost extinct band of malevolent hunters, who literally become ghosts to hunt ghosts.

Part 1 the Gallowing is illustrated by Joe Becci, who’s unique style and use of shadow have set the tone for a sinister and
exciting ride into the world of Ghoster.

The 45-page landscape graphic novella will be released for free digital download on October 1st, 2019"

To download Ghoster for free, visit:


New Jersey Horror Con Lineup Released: "New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival has confirmed that entertainment legend Charlie Sheen, Charlie has appeared in films including Platoon (1986), Wall Street (1987), Young Guns (1988), Eight Men Out (1988), Major League (1989), Hot Shots! (1991), and The Three Musketeers (1993). Charlie also starred on the hit TV series Two and a Half Men which earned him several Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations. He most recently starred in the FX comedy series Anger Management, which concluded its 100-episode run in 2014. He will make his appearance at The Showboat on October 12th only from 11 am to 7 pm. Charlie Sheen joins an already extraordinary gathering of celebrities for the entire weekend of October 11th, 12th and 13th in Atlantic City, including:

*CHRISTINA RICCI from the Addams Family

* PETER CRISS legendary founder and drummer of KISS

*CARMEN ELECTRA from Scary Movie

*STEVE GUTTENBURG from Police academy

“This is by far the best line-up of celebrities that we have had yet,'' says Ryan Scott Weber, a New Jersey-based film producer, and director who has shifted his talents to producing the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival. “For us, it’s all about the horror fan’s experience at our show. This time around, we have re-created the Spaceballs set so fans can have a photo op with George Wyner in costume as if they were appearing on the film. We will also have a replica of the Police Academy police car for photo ops with four cast members from the movie.

In addition to established talent, NJ Horror Con and Film Festival is the only con that gives filmmakers a showcase for their work. “We run films made by local and regional talent who submit their work to our panel for consideration. There are some amazing movies being made out there and our show is the only one that gives these writers, directors, actors and special effects people exposure and the opportunity to win awards,” continues Ryan. Films will be screened continuously during all three days of the con in a special screening area on the show floor at no additional cost to attendees. In addition to aspiring filmmakers, established production houses like Troma Entertainment and Wild Eye Productions will have booths on the show floor.

The New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival will run at The Showboat on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City from Friday, October 11th to Sunday, October 13th.

For more information, advance tickets and more go to "


DREAD's New AVOD App and New Series Details: "DREAD, the genre label of Epic Pictures Group and the distribution arm of popular horror site Dread Central, announces the launch of their new streaming channel and celebrates the venture with the release of their first original content series, Chronic Horror, available exclusively on the DREAD app,, and Dread Central’s Youtube channel.

Chronic Horror is an interview series that is the intersection of horror fandom, ‘munchies’, and cannabis culture hosted and created by Josh Millican.

The DREAD app, which is available on Roku, Android TV, Amazon, and iTunes, hosts a number of popular Epic Pictures horror films, such as Tales of Halloween, Jeruzalem, Big Ass Spider!, Last Rampage, The Monster Project, Extremity, Book of Monsters, and Black Site and promises to grow into a one-stop destination for genre lovers with a curated mix of hit features and dynamic and exciting original streaming content.

“Dread Central is a horror site by fans for fans. The creation of the DREAD app was a natural next step to thank our community for supporting independent genre films. The Dread app is a free, ad-sponsored way to watch as much curated content as you want without worrying about the burden of paying for a subscription. Every month will be adding more content including really cool horror films and digital series,” states Epic/Dread CEO, Patrick Ewald

Dread Central recently announced Josh Millican and Alyse Wax (author of the best-seller The World of IT) as co-editors-in-chief of the site, and Millican's expanded role as host of Chronic Horror finds him engaging with members of the horror community to talk about horror, cannabis, and everything in-between. Horror-themed lifestyle blogger and cooking host Kaci, “The Homicidal Homemaker”, brings her unique brand of baking to the show, which is directed and produced by Hank Braxtan and Arielle Brachfeld (Snake Outta Compton) and Executive Produced by Ewald.

“The show is a ton of fun and entertainment is our goal, but Chronic Horror is also about breaking down stereotypes and erasing the stigma associated with cannabis use,” says Millican. “It’s also important to mention that you don’t have to smoke or vape to be a Chronic Horror fan. There’s something for everyone.”

Episode one is currently available on the app, and season one will roll-out every Tuesday of October. Guests for the first wave include Los Angeles promoter Camilla Jackson, Dylan Reynolds (writer/director of 4/20 Massacre), Richard Elfman (Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, Forbidden Zone) and Scream Queen wife Anastasia, filmmaker Richard Trejo, and special effects mastermind and SOTA co-owner Matt Falletta. A special Chronic Horror Live event will take place at Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood on November 16th.

The free DREAD app is available for Roku, Android TVs, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TVs and can be found at the following links: Roku, Android TV, Amazon, iTunes.

The DREAD app will soon be available on iOS and Android phones. Stay tuned for more details."

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