Horror Decor has a limited edition candle that's both spooky and scented for fanged fiends to add to their homes, and in today's Horror Highlights, we also have key artwork and trailers for 200 Degrees and The Ferryman.

Vampire's Secret Candle from Horror Decor: "What's that I hear in the distance...creepy music coming from a truck that lures in small innocent children with the promise of frozen treats? Let's all run to it!

For a very limited time of only 72 hours, we are paying tribute to one of the coolest options on the menu, the Vampire's Secret Ice Pop. This candle comes in a 3.37" tall x 3.18" wide black coated glass tumbler and has a very pleasant black cherry scent which is sure to bring you back to much simpler times of sunny days and brain freezes.

This limited edition candle is only available through 5/21/17 from www.horrordecor.com!



200 Degrees Trailer: Press Release: "Los Angeles (CA) – Level 33 Entertainment and Blue Fox Entertainment announced today that the horrific thriller 200 DEGREES will be released On Demand in North America on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 across all platforms including Comcast Xfinity, iTunes, AT&T, DirecTV, Amazon Instant, Dish Network, VUDU and others.

Directed by multiple festival award-winner Giorgio Serafini, known for The Executioners, Game of Death, Don’t Let Go, & Johnny’s Gone, and written by Garry Charles, known for Welcome To Acapulco, Unhinged, & Flashburn, 200 DEGREES stars Eric Balfour (“Haven”, Skyline, & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), LaDon Drummond (Johnny’s Gone, War, & Blood of Redemption), Joe Grisaffi (She Rises, Vlad’s Legacy, & Jacob), and Kristin Cochell (Anna & The Possessed).

In 200 DEGREES, stockbroker Ryan Hinds (Eric Balfour) awakes inside a sealed industrial kiln. A mysterious voice sets out a seemingly impossible task: deliver one million dollars in two hours or the temperature in the kiln will rise until Ryan is burned alive.  Armed only with his cell phone, Ryan must find a way to deliver the money and survive the manipulations of a sadistic killer

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/200DegreesMovie/    

TWITTER: @Level33_ent"


The Ferryman Teaser Trailer: "After a failed suicide attempt, troubled and lonely teen MARA finds herself stalked by a malevolent entity. 

From Elliott Maguire: “As much a psychological drama as a horror film, The Ferryman explores important themes such as depression and alienation in the modern world, while also delivering a truly terrifying cinematic experience. In the writing process I took inspiration from classics such as Let The Right One In and Candyman, to create that deep sense of evil, while creating characters thiat the audience actually care about”.

“The Ferryman” is set to finish production soon with a release later this year, with a fantastic cast that includes NICOLA HOLT as MARA; GARTH MAUNDERS as ROLAND; SHOBI RAE MCLEAN as JULIA; VELTON J. LISHKE as THE DETECTIVE; PAM ASHTON as THE NURSE; and PHILIP SCOTT-SHURETY as THE THERAPIST.

Shooting took place in and around Manchester throughout March and April, with the production taking inspiration from Sundance hit “Tangerine” and shooting on the iPhone 7, allowing a level of intimacy rarely seen in the horror genre and pushing this advancing technology to its limits.

Below you can find the first official stills from the movie, as well as the new teaser trailer.

You can follow the production on Twitter @ferrymanmovie and Facebook @ferrymanmovie.

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