Hotel of the Damned is waiting for you to check in. From Uncork'd Entertainment, Hotel of the Damned will be released on VOD on December 6th. Also in today's Highlights: a trailer for Nathan Ambrosioni's Therapy, premiering exclusively on Shudder, Kickstarter details for the slasher/whodunit short film White Knuckle, a teaser video and release details for Johnny Dagger's horror novel, Neverlasting,

Hotel of the Damned VOD Release Details and Trailer: "Make your reservation with the Hotel of the Damned this December via Uncork’d Entertainment.

No use hanging up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign here. After a car accident and stranded in the middle of nowhere, an ex-con and his daughter find themselves in an abandoned hotel, populated by sub-human cannibalistic creatures. Is it check-out time, already!?

Peter Dobson (The Frighteners) and Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) star in a Bobby Barbacioru film, out December 6th on VOD.

Scripted by Luca Bercovici, director of cult classic Ghoulies. Co-starring Manuela Harabor, Oltin Hurezeanu, Roxana Luca, Bogdan Marhodin, Valentin Petrisor, Natalia Mateut, Florin Kevorkian, and Dimitrina Zhivkova."




Therapy to Premiere on Shudder, Watch the Trailer: "Therapy is the latest film from 17-year-old director Nathan Ambrosioni. This thrilling “found footage film” is the second feature-length film for the young director. Therapy premieres exclusively on Shudder November 17th and joins the hundreds of horror films already in the Shudder library.


Jane and Simon are two young police officers leading a routine investigation following the discovery of hidden video equipment in an abandoned house by a night watchman. At first glance, they don’t seem to contain anything unusual. They show five tourists taking advantage of the seasonal weather to go camping. As they continue watching, they discover that the group’s fresh- air excursion takes a sudden turn for the worst. Seized with panic, the young campers reluctantly end up in an abandoned building where it quickly becomes obvious that they are not alone, and that they’ve stepped into their own graves. To save them, Jane and Simon will have to act quickly, even if it means risking their own lives in the process.

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White Knuckle Kickstarter Details: From the White Knuckle Indiegogo page: “When a serial killer begins targeting the gentrifiers of a dwindling, historically Black neighborhood, three young adults attempt to determine the murderer’s identity...before they're next.

Jay and Rich are an early-20s Black American sister and brother duo who recently moved into a beautiful, Brownstone Brooklyn neighborhood where the film is set. Having been raised in a predominately white, wealthy suburb, the siblings yearn to have their new home provide some insight into their Black cultural identity.

Troy is an early-20s white male, the child of one of the first white families to reside in the neighborhood in decades. Upon returning home from his college studies, Troy discovers that the community has undergone more rapid gentrification than expected and that his parents have sold their house as a result.

The bulk of the film unfolds over the course of an evening as Troy arrives at Jay and Rich’s new brownstone to view one of the floors up for rent. The meet-and-greet soon turns into an impassioned conversation about the changing neighborhood and the serial killer who’s recently begun stalking it. Unbeknownst to Jay, Rich, and Troy, the killer may be closer than they think…”

To learn more about White Knuckle, visit the film's official Indiegogo page.



Teaser Video and Details for Horror Book, Neverlasting: "Choosing where you wed is just as important as who you wed. Ultimately, the wrong choice can lead to certain death. Sadly, this was the case for Nora and Ned, a young couple who wanted nothing more than to build a life together, but when they said their vows in the old Herring Grove, "'til death do us part," took on an entirely new meaning.

As their vows of sanctity echoed through the hollow, they awoke a century old curse which vowed to never let love enter its hills again. Now forced to confront both their inner demons and ghosts from the past, Nora and Ned must fight to uproot the seeds of lost love and despair and bring new life to the plagued, barren land."

To learn more about Neverlasting, visit the book's official Amazon page.





Happy Wheels Series Now Available on Digital Platforms: Press Release: "Burbank, CA, November 15, 2016 – Machinima's all-new original animated series based on the hit online video game Happy Wheels is now available on numerous platforms worldwide. Produced by Machinima and BMP Digital, the digital division of Bunim/Murray Productions, this must-see nine-episode series expands upon the game that boasts more than 12 million players a month, over three billion “Let’s Play” video views, more than five million user-generated levels and has been one of the top free play games in the App store over the past two years. In featuring fan-favorites such as Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad and Lawnmower Man, the series will showcase the game’s notorious dark humor and penchant for blood and gore.


With millions of fans across the social landscape, the cast includes some of the most talented and recognizable voice actors and animators in the industry including:
· Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez), Stephen (aka Business Guy)

o CaptainSparklez, aka Jordan Maron, is a well-known YouTube personality specializing in Minecraft gameplay and themed music videos. (13.6M social followers)

· Lance Stewart (Lance210), Torso with a Head

Lance Stewart (Lance210) has quickly risen to become one of the top social media stars in the last year. With his honest and authentic approach to content, his presence exploded to almost 9M followers on Facebook and over 3M on Instagram. This year, Lance started his YouTube channels and his vlog channel is quickly closing in on 2M subscribers, becoming one of the fastest growing channels on the platform. (18.8M social followers)
· Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices), Janet (aka The Effective Shopper)

o Anna Brisbin, aka Brizzy Voices, is a popular online personality and voice over actress. Projects include: Machinima’s FYI, Valet, Tenured, and A Snow Globe Christmas. (1.9M social followers)

· Ryan McNulty (xRPMx13), Charles’ Dad

o Ryan McNulty (xRPMx13) is a well-known Minecrafter, playing Minecraft Hunger Games with CaptainSparklez, The BajanCandian and JeromeASF. His fans are good looking gamers and he is known as THE Incredibly Good Looking Gamer. (1.8M social followers)

· Shanna Malcolm (HeyYoShanna), Cop

o Shanna Malcolm is an actress, and the well-known YouTube personality HeyYoShanna. Malcom has appeared in popular television series like Glee and Shameless and delivers hilariously unfiltered commentary on pop culture via her Ghetto Gaming series. (1.2M social followers)

· Tyler Pappas (LogDotZip), Store Manager

o Tyler Pappas has attracted viewers of all ages with his infectious humor that is family-appropriate for any avid Minecraft player. Having worked with Minecraft directly, as well as other companies, to create stunning Minecraft visual experiences, his roleplays, and gameplays, are sure to engage. (1.5M social followers)

· Jerome Aceti (JeromeASF), Teen

o Jerome Aceti (JeromeASF) is one of the most recognizable Minecraft players on YouTube. His disarming nature and goofiness has drawn a core audience of loyal followers, through a mix of collaborative gameplay videos and vlogs that document his real-life adventures. (6.6M social followers)

· Ricky Hayberg (RickyFTW), Fred

o Ricky Hayberg is an actor, writer, producer and co-host of Machinima’s ETC. (925K social followers)

· Eliot Dewberry, Carl

o Eliot Dewberry is an actor, writer and co-host of Machinima’s ETC. (925KM social followers)

· Tay Zonday, The King

o Best known for his “Chocolate Rain’ viral video, Tay Zonday is a People’s Choice Award-Nominated, YouTube Award-Winning, Webby Award-Winning singer-songwriter, actor, voice talent, and brand spokesperson with more than 160 million video views on YouTube. (1.6M social followers)

Happy Wheels will launch to a global audience on numerous platforms including go90 (United States), SkyQ (U.K.), AMC Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and Sohu (China).

Welcome to Happy Wheels, the most dangerous community on Earth. People are mangled everyday by traps, spikes, mines, cars, unsafe roads and hazards. But no one seems to notice. To reduce some of the carnage in town, five concerned citizens form a safety awareness committee but often fail with hilarious results.

Launched during the summer of 2010, Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling, physics-based, obstacle course game with over a billion plays online. Players assume the role of an assortment of inadequately prepared racers and ignore severe consequences in a desperate search for victory.
· Monthly game plays: 12.3 million

· Total game plays: 1.2 billion sessions

· Total game players: 352 million players

· Total app downloads: 14 million downloads"


Tamika Jones
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The first horror film Tamika watched was Child's Play. Being eight years old at the time, she remembers being so scared when Chucky came to life that she projectile vomited. It's tough for her to choose only one movie as her favorite horror film, so she picked two: Nosferatu and The Stepford Wives (1975).

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