Back in November of 2017, we reported that Rupert Jones' Kaleidoscope's colorful fragments of light were set to shine in cinemas from IFC Midnight and now the film starring Toby Jones (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hitchcock) is coming to Blu-ray and DVD from Scream Factory! We also have a look at a new trailer for The Young Cannibals and Hex's Indiegogo campaign details.

Kaleidoscope Blu-ray and DVD Release Details: Press Release: "Kaleidoscope, the unsettling debut feature from Rupert Jones, is a provocative psychological mystery that asks: is it possible to escape our past? Making its Blu-ray and DVD debut May 1st, 2018 from Shout! Factory, in conjunction with IFC Midnight, Kaleidopscope also includes a number of bonus features, including the featurettes Making of Kaleidoscope, Working in the Studio, and Keeping Up With The Joneses. Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting

This intense, twisty thriller unfolds in the darkest corners of a man’s mind. Recently released from prison, mild-mannered Carl (Toby Jones, Captain America; The Winter Soldier) quietly attempts to move on with his life. Just as he embarks on his first date in 15 years, Carl’s fresh start is shattered by the sudden reappearance of his domineering mother (Anne Reid. Hot Fuzz), whose presence awakens within him a deep-seated trauma. What unfolds is a brain-warping puzzle as reality and illusion, past and present collide and explode in violence.

Kaleidoscope Bonus Features

  • The Making of Kaleidoscope featurette
  • Working in the Studio featurette
  • Keeping Up With The Joneses featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer"


The Young Cannibals Trailer: "Bad Taste Pictures is made up of Writing/Directing duo Kris Carr and Sam Fowler as well as Producer Charlie Pride.

Synopsis: "THE YOUNG CANNIBALS is about seven friends who summon a monster when they are tricked into eating burgers made of human flesh."

To learn more about The Young Cannibals, visit:


Indiegogo Campaign for New Skydiving Movie Hex: "Indie Filmmakers Pair Horror and Skydiving in the New Feature Film “Hex”

"Hex" is a unique addition to the horror genre, combining skydiving action with chilling horror themes. The film follows protagonist Sarah, played by Kayla Adams, as she and five fellow skydivers execute a taboo aerial formation. What happens next defies explanation: Sarah witnesses an inexplicable disappearance during the dive, and the team soon find themselves haunted and fighting for their lives against an unseen, mysterious force. They quickly discover that nothing is what it seems, and the viewer is carried right along with them on the wild ride.

Filming has wrapped on the new indie horror film “Hex,” and now the producers are seeking community support to complete post-production and bring the pulse-pounding adventure to audiences everywhere. The team hopes to raise $53,000 via their Indiegogo campaign at ; the crowdfunding effort has already raised a significant portion of that amount, and the campaign has 19 days left. More information about the film, including a trailer and special message from the film's co-directors, is available at"

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