The fine folks at Creepy Co. have a new pendant pin that should appeal to fans of Creature from the Black Lagoon, and we have details and photos on their Marsh Monster collectible in today's second Horror Highlights, which also features Syfy Wire's videos from The Mummy and a look at Cavitycolors' new enamel pin for musician Carpenter Brut.

Creepy Co.'s Marsh Monster Pewter Charm with Pin Adapter: "The Marsh Monster emerges! Designed in the likeness of dime store monster charms, our first 3D "pendant pin" is made of solid pewter and comes with a pin adapter post that allows you to wear the charm as a pin. Or, you can attach a chain and wear the monster around your neck!

1.25" height
solid pewter charm with pendant loop (chain not included)
pin adapter has one post with rubber clutch and lobster claw attachment (a $5.00 value!) Locking backer highly recommended

Art by Johnny Sampson

Creepy Co. likes innovation and new ideas, and we're always chasing 'em. We listen to feedback from our Creeps, too. Many of you have said that putting pins on and taking them off are a hassle. So we made adapters! Pin your adapter in place, and affix your Creepy Co. pendant or other charm! You can easily swap out charms in a snap.

More enamel and solid jewelry-caliber charms are on the way. We hope this will be a fun addition to your flair collection, and a great way to bring attention to your wardrobe!


To learn more about Creepy Co.'s Marsh Monster pewter pin, visit their official website.

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