With The Bride turning 84 this year, the latest episode of Gemr's Collection Complete series explores the female creature and her iconic look, and we also have details on Gemr's Bride of Frankenstein giveaway. Also in today's Horror Highlights: Murder Made Easy Blu-ray and Clownado release details, as well as a Q&A with composer Geoff Zanelli from The Intruder.

Collection Complete Series Details and Giveaway: "As a little kid, she was the first female monster I’d ever seen, and I wanted to be her,” says artist Micheline Pitt on the 84th anniversary of the 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein’s titular character, “and when I got older, I actually met (makeup effects artist) Rick Baker, and he asked me if I’d be interested in working with him on a project where he would make me into his own version of her.”

Unearthed by the docu-series Collection Complete (which takes an in-depth look into the lives of artists and the collections that fuel their work, as presented by Gemr, an app for collectors worldwide), the show’s latest episode takes a look at the impact of James Whale’s classic 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein on Los Angeles-based designer and filmmaker Micheline Pitt.

A deep dive into her life-long fascination with the film, the episode focuses on Pitt’s interest in the female horror icon, the character’s lasting impact on horror cinema and goth subculture, and its resonance on Pitt herself, who, in a 2013 collaboration with MAC Cosmetics was transformed by Academy Award-winning special effects artist Rick Baker into the creature of her obsession: the Bride of Frankenstein.

The series’ sixteenth episode (future installments are set to showcase other items in Pitt’s collection, including an exclusive first look at her upcoming directorial debut Grummy, as well as more with screen-used prop collector Sean Clark), past episodes of Collection Complete have ventured into the personal collections of filmmakers Mike Mendez of Tales of Halloween fame and The Hills Run Red producer Robert Meyer Burnett.

What’s more, for the next four weeks, those who create a free account at Gemr.com’s horror club HERE will have a chance to WIN a Bride of Frankenstein Prize Pack, which contains one (1) one copy of Bride of Frankenstein on Blu-ray, (1) one Moebius Bride of Frankenstein 1:8 Scale Model Kit (which Includes The Monster & the Bride!) and (1) one “Undying Love” 12” x 18” art print, featuring the Bride and her Monster by Mike Bell.

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Collection Complete Horror Club Giveaway link: www.landing.gemr.com/bridegiveaway

Collection Complete Official Sites and Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CollectionComplete

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Murder Made Easy Blu-ray Release Details: "Director Dave Palamaro’s Agatha Christie-inspired thriller Murder Made Easy had a successful festival run and is headed to Blu-ray from Scream Team Releasing on Tuesday, May 21st!

The Special Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is packed with extras including Audio Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Rehearsal Footage, Bloopers, Trailers 5.1 Surround Sound and more.

Scream Team will be accepting pre-orders starting May 1st. The first 150 pre-orders will include a signed copy of Murder Made Easy and a signed poster.

In the film:

“Best pals Joan and Michael host an elaborate dinner party for their closest friends on the anniversary of the death of Joan’s husband. But as each guest arrives they find their very lives are on the menu to protect a secret that links them all.”

Jay Kay from Dread Central calls Murder Made Easy, “Lean. Smart. Wicked.” Horror Society describes Murder Made Easy as “American Psycho Meets Clue.” And Lacy Lou from Pop Horror calls Murder Made Easy, “One of the Best Films of the Year.”

Christopher Soren Kelly (“Fargo”, “Infinity Chamber”), Jessica Graham (“BnB Hell”) star alongside Shiela Cutchlow (“The Wire”, “True Detective”), Edmund Lupinski (“Hello My Name Is Doris”), Daniel Ahearn (“SMILF”), Emilia Richeson(“Psycho Sleepover”) and Paul Rose Jr. (“Bones”, “Castle”).

The film score was composed by Sean Spillane (“The Woman”, “Jug Face”, “Tales of Halloween”).

Murder Made Easy was produced by Dave Palamaro, Jessica Graham, David Barnaby and was written by Tim Davis.

Now on Blu-ray at screamteamreleasing.com"


Clownado Release Details and Trailer: "Wild Eye Releasing has unleashed a brand-new trailer for Todd Sheets’ Clownado, coming this summer!

Cursed demonic circus clowns set out on a vengeful massacre using tornadoes. A stripper, Elvis impersonator, truck driver, teen runaway, and a dude get caught in the supernatural battle between femme fatal and the boss clown from hell.

Scream queen Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead) stars along with Eileen Dietz, Rachel Lagen, John O'Hara, and Joel D. Wynkoop. Sheets wrote and directed the film."


Q&A with The Intruder Composer Geoff Zanelli: "Sony unleashed their latest horror/thriller last weekend titled The Intruder, starring Dennis Quaid as a man who refuses to let go of his property a young married couple recently bought. The film, directed by, took in about $11 million at the box office, a respectable debut for a movie that cost just $8 million to make. The Intruder delivered everything fans come to crave from the genre, including jumps, scares, and a nail-biting score. The man responsible for those hair-raising tunes, composer Geoff Zanelli. Zanelli is no stranger to the genre, some of his other credits include Disturbia, Traffik and Secret Window starring Johnny Depp. In the below exclusive interview, Zanelli goes more in-depth about his work on The Intruder and how those menacing tones were created.

In a few words, how would you describe your score for The Intruder?

Geoff Zanelli: It's an intense score. It gets emotional, too, but really it's a slow-burning descent into madness and intensity.

Does your score evolve throughout the film? If so, how would you say it’s different from the beginning and end?

Geoff Zanelli: Absolutely, the score follows Charlie Peck, played by Dennis Quaid, as he begins the film as an affable home seller, and slowly unravels into an obsessive, controlling monster. And there's a body count, so it's got to build as it goes.

Did you ever get writer’s block when scoring The Intruder? If so, what do you do to overcome it?

Geoff Zanelli: I didn't, but I do have the opposite problem pretty often when I write. I usually find myself flooded with ideas, and a good deal of work goes into sorting through them, deciding which are the best paths to take and what's going to be the best way to tell the story that the director is trying to get across.

Did you have any musical inspirations for The Intruder?

Geoff Zanelli: I think of Intruder in some ways like a classic film rather than one that brings in the modern elements of supernatural horror. It's a story that actually could happen to any one of us, which means it's rooted in something realistic. So the inspiration for the score came from finding acoustic instruments that retain that realism, as opposed to synthesized elements as you might hear in other scores. That sometimes meant a string section, but it also meant me breathing into a microphone, or scratching on a cello that I can't play to save my life, or bashing on air ducts and metal sheeting and other construction supplies to provide percussion for the score.

Would you say there’s any kind of formula for generating tension before the musical shock effect?

Geoff Zanelli: I'm not sure there's a formula per se, but there are some techniques that I find I use. One common tool is to have the score get naturally more and more quiet, which makes the audience almost lean into the picture to hear things, sort of the way you lean into someone whispering to you in a crowded place. And then you can unleash all sorts of fury!

Which instrument have you found to be the most menacing?

Geoff Zanelli: On this film, it was probably this cello I bought. Because I've never played one, everything I did on it was awful sounding, but I found if I bowed it with enough conviction it started to feel pretty violent.

What do you think people will be most surprised about The Intruder?

Geoff Zanelli: Oh, the ending! It's very satisfying, but I don't want to give it away...

Are you a horror fan? What were some of your favorite horror titles of 2018?

Geoff Zanelli: I'm a huge fan of thrillers and horror, but in all honesty, I've been trapped in a studio this past year and haven't made it to many lately, I confess. I find myself thinking about classic ones often though, like The Omen, The Shining, and I have a thriller I love called Images."

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