Just in time for Black Friday―and the holiday season in general―comes a booster pack for a new character called "The Sleigher" for the Mixtape Massacre game. Also in today's : A Feast of Man DVD and digital debut and details on the new director for Witchula.

Details on Mixtape Massacre's New The Sleigher Booster Pack: "'Rotten! Rotten souls, all of them,” a voice kept whispering to Bruce as he sat there in his Santa outfit awaiting the excited children of Tall Oaks Mall. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake this feeling something was coming over him. As the kids came and went, the voice got louder and louder. Suddenly a local girl screamed, “Look! Santa has horns!” It was too late. Bruce was gone and in his place, was something feral…

1 New Slasher character piece
1 Character profile card
1 Special Ability Token (unique to the character)
3 New “Killer Scenes, Dude” cards themed to the character
1 Special Ability reference card
1 Slasher Profile card (for use with Escape From Tall Oaks)

Note: Red Stands not included with a booster pack. Use stands included with the base game."


A Feast of Man DVD and Digital Release Details: "THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, HAVE YOUR FAMILY FOR DINNER!



Street Date: December 17, 2019
DVD/Digital: $24.95

Nominated for the Independent Visions Award at the Sarasota Film Festival, Caroline Golum's Festival Favorite Feature-Length Debut Includes a Cameo from Troma's Lloyd Kaufman; the Campy, Cult-y Comedy Will Also Be Available Via Streaming Platform IndiePix Unlimited on Amazon Channels.


Have an appetite for a dark, delectable comedy in the tradition of cannibal classics EATING RAOUL and DELICATESSEN? Look no further than A FEAST OF MAN, on DVD/Digital this December from IndiePix Films - certain to sate your hunger (and funny bone)!

When Gallagher (Laurence Joseph Bond), a wealthy and eccentric New York playboy prone to mischief dies unexpectedly, his closest socialite friends -- Dickie (Jesse Rudoy), Wolf (Chris Shields), Judy (Katey Parker), and Judy's fiancé, Ted (Frank Mosley) -- are summoned to the late aristocrat's country home overlooking the Hudson for a viewing of his video will. Only things don't go quite as Wolf, the executor of the estate, had planned - Gallagher's posthumous wish is to put his dearly beloved to the test: each one will become a millionaire overnight if they can unanimously agree to consume his dead body and the group, has until the end of the weekend to reach a decision. Hilarity, of course, ensues.

Film critic Charles Bramesco says A FEAST OF MAN "flambés The Big Chill into a madcap sex farce garnished with class resentment and served with a side of human flesh," while critic Glenn Kenny calls the film "a droll romp that skewers both class conventions and genre conventions with equal constructive glee."


Type: DVD/Digital (Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Google)
Running Time: 82 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Audio: 2.0 Stereo."


Patricio Valladares to Direct Witchula: "Marcus Bradford, Pat Kusnadi and Liz Strange wrote the screenplay for "Witchula" based on a concept by Clifton Braddock Bradford. The film will be produced by Bradford, Kusnadi, Matt Chassin and the president of FRI, John R. Blythe.

Production is tentatively planned for next year with exotic Island and Eastern Europe style sets to be used as locations for the horror film. Genre veterans Kane Hodder, Bill Oberst Jr., and Eileen Dietz are attached to star in the film.

Valladares has nearly twenty years of experience in the field of directing, writing and editing for productions and he has directed films on location in his native Chile as well as the United States, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Some of his directing credits include "Toro Loco: Sangriento", "Downhill", "Vlad's Legacy", "Hidden in the Woods" starring Michael Biehn and William Forsythe and "Nightworld" starring Robert Englund and Jason London. He recently directed the Sci-Fi film "Embryo" for Chilean television.

Film Regions International, Inc. (FRI) specializes in the development, production, and distribution of independent film productions and has both a domestic and international presence. FRI has secured financing and executed lucrative distribution deals for films such as "My Amityville Horror" (IFC Films), "Rumah dan Musim Hujan" (Falcon Pictures) and "Border Brothers" and "Machine Gun Baby" (both for Amazon Prime Video). FRI recently produced the mob thriller "Booze, Broads and Blackjack" and the horror film "The New Hands". Both are expected to see a release in 2020."

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