Horror Decor's Halloween Line continues with Cuddle Creeps, garden flags, a Franken-candle, and more. Also in today's Horror Highlights: details on Terrortory and Queer Ghost Hunters, as well as Blu-ray release info for The Id.

Horror Decor's Second Wave of Halloween Items: From Horror Decor: “At Horror Decor, the place is overflowing with Halloween products over the last few weeks! From the Vintage Halloween Masks line and Rules of Halloween Candle Set, to the new Killer Pumpkin Ale Candle and Sleepy Hollow Garden Flag, the anticipation for All Hollows Eve is ramping up. Today, Horror Decor released Part 2 of their Halloween line.

First, they partnered up, once again, with Rondal Scott III from the Strange Kids Club to create another pair of Cuddle Creeps. These limited edition designs are only available during the Halloween season and will disappear on November 1st, so get your order in early.

Next, they introduced a line inspired by a classic childhood movie. First is a pillow designed by Gabe LaPeer of Homemade Horror. Gabe spent hours sculpting the spellbook. They were then able to turn it into a comfy pillow with high res photos. This creepy pillow will make a great addition to your couch or bed for Halloween!

You can also add an eerie touch to your home with the new Life Potion Candle and Witch's Cauldron Hand Soap. These two feature a matching scent, which consists of a witchy mix of vanilla, mahogany woods, musk, lemon, apple, cinnamon, and other scents that evoke visions of spells being cast around the cauldron.

Also included in this line is the Sanderson Witch Museum garden flag which you can proudly display outside for the Halloween season.

Speaking of garden flags, we also have the new Magic Pumpkin garden flag. Everyone will know what time it is when they see this flag in the yard!

The pumpkin fun doesn't stop there, as the giant jack-o'-lantern candle has also arrived. It stands 5.5" tall and weighs over three pounds; containing a whopping 37 ounces of soy wax. You have a choice of scent on this candle because it's so big that we can only pour one at a time. You can choose between candy corn or pumpkin spice scents.

Up next is the new Franken-Buried Candle, designed by Kyle Crawford from Electric Zombie. This very limited edition candle is available in only the large size and features a marshmallow scent.

Check out all of the new Halloween products here: https://horrordecor.net/collections/halloween

Please remember that now, through Christmas is our busy season and we make everything by hand. It can take up to 21 days for your order to leave the studio. If you need it by a certain date, please email us before ordering. Thank you!”

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