Sure to cure "the case of the Mondays" is Nightworld, starring Robert Englund and Jason London, which is now on Netflix and headlines today's Horror Highlights. Also: Texas Frightmare Weekend details, Melancholy Star's Starlight Filmmaker Programme, and Monsters in the Closet Kickstarter details.

Nightworld's Netflix Release Details: Press Release: "Nightworld, starring Jason London and horror icon Robert Englund, will be officially available on Netflix North America from February 16, 2017!

The psychological thriller is directed by Patricio Valladares and produced by Bulgarian based film company Open Frames, a subsidiary of Global Group.

In October last year, Nightworld became the first-ever Bulgarian film to enjoy a limited theatrical release in the U.S. The film opened in 11 major American cities and is now available on 20 VOD platforms, like iTunes and Amazon Prime.

Nigthworld is also the very first 100% Bulgarian production to be picked up by Netflix U.S.

“That is a big thing for us, and a giant step forward to our long-term plans! One of our goals is that to co-produce with companies such as Lionsgate, and hopefully end up helming series for major content providers like Netflix or Amazon. Our breakthrough on the American market is proof that our success in Bulgaria for the past 20 years is no accident.” commented the company’s producers Magarditch Halvadjian and Loris Curci.

Synopsis: When former LAPD officer Brett Anderson takes a job as head of security at an old apartment building in Bulgaria's capital, Sofia, he soon begins to experience a series of bizarre and terrifying events. Once he begins to delve deeper into the building's sinister history and investigate its shadowy owners and past employees, Brett soon uncovers a malevolent force nestled deep in the bowels of the building that will do anything to be set free into our world."


Texas Frightmare Weekend Details: "Texas Frightmare Weekend Presenting Sponsor Arrow Video is bringing two very special guests to our May 4-6 event. In celebration of Arrow Video’s upcoming and previously unannounced release of Last House on the Left please welcome Jeramie Rain and Marc Sheffler!"

In case you missed it, check here for our coverage on Arrow Video's upcoming Blu-ray release of Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left, and visit Texas Frightmare's official website for more information on their 2018 guest lineup.


Melancholy Star's Filmmaker Programme: Press Release: "London-based indie film & VFX studio MELANCHOLY STAR announces the inaugural edition of a new filmmaker-in-residence programme aimed at discovering new voices in genre writing for film.

Melancholy Star is committed to inspiring creativity and making strange but beautiful things and is thrilled to offer a residency initiative situated in the scenic medieval town of Bruges, Belgium. Support for diverse voices and stories is now more important than ever and with that in mind, we have created the Starlight Filmmaker Residency with a focus on finding talented genre filmmakers acting without the benefit of public funding or previous awards, and at any age and stage in their career. At the Starlight Filmmaker Residency, selected filmmakers will have a safe and creatively constructive environment to focus on their writing without distraction, that’s tucked away in a beautiful gothic setting sure to fire the imagination.

“Hearing the experiences of fellow filmmakers, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me how difficult it is for women, queer and minority filmmakers to get support for their projects. And often for programmes like this, there are age barriers or career requirements that are difficult to meet.” Says Melancholy Star co-director and Starlight Residency organizer Elizabeth E. Schuch. “I want to see more dark and fantastic stories from a range of voices find their way into the world. And it’s really difficult to keep at it, self-motivated, unfunded and isolated. By making this residency, it’s our small way of helping make those projects happen and giving them a little support network. We hope to provide a safe place for creativity to thrive. “

Open Call starts 15 February 2018.
Selection will be announced 15 May 2018.
You can apply online here:"


Monsters in the Closet Details: From Monsters in the Closet Kickstarter Page: "Hello, I (Zack Snygg) have produced, written, directed and edited many feature-length B-movies for such companies and Lionsgate Films, The Weinstein Co., Maverick Entertainment and New Market Films/Silver Nitrate. Way back in the 1990s I used to co-run Troma Team Video (Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke em High) and helped make Matt Stone and Trey Parker's (yup the South Park guys) debut film Cannibal the Musical a lukewarm success on home video. I later became partners at E.I. Cinema in which we produced the Discovery TV series Gimmie Shelter and many late night spoofs (Spiderbabe on HBO and Showtime) and urban comedies (Carlito's Angels on Starz).

My Brother Spencer Snygg has been a Hollywood (union only please) lighting/electric with over 17 years in the business doing lighting on blockbusters such as Transformers 2, Meet the Parents 2, Spiderman 2 and many other films with the number 2 at the end. Spencer is currently finishing up his stint on the AMERICANS the FX critic acclaimed TV series.

We are joining forces, both writing, directing and lighting our first feature film since BEASTER DAY: Here Comes Peter CottonHell."

Monsters in the Closet successfully surpassed its $3,000 goal on Kickstarter. Stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates on the movie.

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