In today's special Halloween edition of Horror Highlights, we have a look at photos from the Shaun of the Dead screening at the Greek Theatre (featuring special guests Edgar Wright and Lucy Davis), details on director Darren Lynn Bousman's appearance as a guest judge on Shaken: The Cocktail Challenge, info on new Halloween music from the Stranger Things composers, a Kickstarter campaign for the new short film Tick, PBS' digital series Origin of Everything, and the Mausoleum of the Macabre's Halloween special.

Shaun of the Dead Screening at the Greek Theatre: "Focus 15, the initiative commemorating the founding 15 years ago of worldwide film company Focus Features, partnered with Fandango, the ultimate digital network for all things movies, and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for a special Halloween week outdoor zombie screening of Shaun of the Dead last night, hosted by Fandango’s Alicia Malone and joined by the film’s director Edgar Wright and one of its stars Lucy Davis. Shaun of the Dead was the first film in The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, and was followed by Hot Fuzz and The World’s End."

Photos Courtesy of Focus Features:

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