With just a little over a month now until Halloweeeeen, we have some fun items to help get you into the holiday spirit (as if you even need it at this point). Kicking off today's Highlights, we have details on El Cucuy: The Boogeyman's "31 Days of Halloween" SYFY premiere, Creepy Co.'s new Beistle collection, the Amityville installment of Bloody Disgusting's Retro Nightmares cinema series, the red band trailer for Spiral, and Full Moon's Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre (the first entry in their eight-part Bunker of Blood film series).

El Cucuy: The Boogeyman SYFY Premiere Details: "Hybrid Entertainment's upcoming original movie, Cucuy: The Boogeyman, scheduled to premiere on SyFy on Saturday, October 13th (7p/6p CT) is a timely twist on the indelible legend of a story young children are told by their mothers about a Latin American boogeyman known as the Cucuy who would come at night to snatch misbehaving children and take them back to his cave to be eaten.

Directed by Peter Sullivan (who helmed Stan Lee's "The Sandman," SyFy's runaway hit last October), this highly anticipated seasonal gem is set in fictional Glimmer Peak, the kind of small town where nothing ever happens. "As the Cucuy, the mythical Mexican Boogeyman known for preying on misbehaving children, we chose to revolve the story around a troubled teen currently on house arrest," says director Sullivan. "We shot in an abandoned neighborhood on the site of a former state hospital in Pomona, CA. The facility, no longer in use, provided an additional uneasy quality to the film’s overall aesthetic," Sullivan emphasizes.

The October movie exclusive to SyFy begins when the local police department finds itself off guard as the town is hit by a series of unexplainable child abductions. With no witnesses, no evidence, and no discernible connection between the missing children, the local Sheriff ("Charmed's" Brian Krause) has reached a dead end. "Riverdale" star Marisol Nichols (right) is cast as beleaguered, widowed mother, 'Rebecca', who is monitoring daughter 'Sofia', portrayed by sensational Jearnest Corchado, who with her younger sister, 'Amelia' (Bella Stine) is stuck under house arrest. With plenty of free time on her hands and nothing else better to do, Sofia begins a daily ritual of spying on her immediate neighbors, including Murphy (Pedro Correa), her former classmate and crush; and her mysterious new neighbor Boyd (Jack Erdie).

'Sofia' finds that her bedroom window provides the perfect place from which to investigate the mysterious disappearances. Her touching relationship with her younger, hearing-impaired sister provides much of the film's heart, especially when the latter finds herself targeted by the supernatural terror. Suddenly their mother (Nichols), already working double shifts to keep a roof over their heads, has to confront a very different type of challenge.

Is it possible that the Cucuy has come to Glimmer Peak?"


Photos for Creepy Co.'s New Beistle Collection: "It's that time of year again, Creeps! We are honored to reveal our 3rd Annual Beistle collection. We hope you enjoy these offerings as much as we've enjoyed creating them for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Demand is expected to be *VERY HIGH* for this collection. If you see something you want, it is suggested you order immediately: the stock is limited and restocks are not guaranteed."

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