Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired the North American and Canadian rights for Adam Cushman’s Restraint starring Dana Ashbrook (Twin Peaks) which will roll out on VOD in the U.S. and DVD today, November 6th. Also: Back to Earth interactive experience announcement and details on E Stuart Marlowe's novel Gone is Gone.

Restraint Trailer and VOD Release Details: "Adam Cushman’s Psychological thriller RESTRAINT starring Dana Ashbrook (Twin Peaks, Late Phases) has been acquired by Breaking Glass Pictures for North America and Canada. The film will hit all US VOD platforms and DVD tomorrow 11/6.

Winner for Best Director at Downtown LA Film Festival and Best Film at Rhode Island Film Festival, the film tells the story of a mentally unstable young woman who has submerged her violent impulses for years, moves in with her new husband and his daughter. When she becomes unexpectedly pregnant, her demons emerge and as she loses control, the family is threatened by her sudden plunge into darkness.

The film also stars Caitlyn Folley (Sxtape, Other People’s Children) and Isabella Celaya. Adam Cushman (The Maestro) wrote the script and directed, also producing the film, alongside Jake Borowski (Jarhead) and Julia Taft (Malignant). Amelia Yokel (Teenage Cocktail) and C.V Herst (The Maestro) Executive produced.

The deal was negotiated by Galen Christy founder of High Octane Pictures on behalf of Devilworks and CEO Richard Wolff on behalf of Breaking Glass Pictures."


Back to Earth Interactive Experience Details: Press Release: "The groundbreaking immersive story world BACK TO EARTH announced today the launch of the project’s interactive experience. Debuting on November 13th, the experience invites audiences to immerse themselves in a futuristic, multi-platform narrative where a new technology could destroy the world -- or save it. Engineered by the masterminds at No Mimes Media, and based on the vision of creator Clay Space, the BACK TO EARTH interactive experience gamifies the story’s apocalyptic world and allows users to enhance their experience within the narrative. The interactive experience can be accessed on the web at

“We’re trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain and entertainment,” says Clay Space, Creator of BACK TO EARTH. “By building content for multiple platforms, we are maximizing the strength of the story by taking advantage of the specific medium we’re telling it through. Whether they are viewing the series, reading the graphic novel, or exploring our interactive experience, I think participants will be astonished at how deeply immersed they can be in our world.”

This isn’t your typical multi-platform project. BACK TO EARTH is the perfect marriage of tech and entertainment - combining blockchain with storytelling to create a truly unique story experience. The first glimpse into the sci-fi universe, the interactive experience invites players to tumble down the rabbit hole into the heart of the mega-corporation StarFate, discover the true origins of the apocalypse, and uncover secret plans for the future of the human race. As the world teeters on the edge of ruin, one key StarFate engineer stumbles onto a secret that will change the fate of humanity — unless he can stop it.

Users can dive further into the story by purchasing StarCredits which will allow them to unlock clues, exclusive content, and merchandise discounts. Purchasing cryptocurrency, specifically alt coins, can be a difficult process as it requires going through exchanges and converting US dollars into multiple currencies. However, BACK TO EARTH has simplified the process by allowing participants to purchase StarCredits directly from the site with their credit card.

“With Back to Earth, the content lives across platforms including video, audio, websites and even phone calls, but possibly the coolest part is that the currency, StarCredits, lives inside and outside of the fiction, immersing the audience like never before.” Behnam Karbassi, Founder/CEO of No Mimes Media.

In addition to the interactive experience, the story world of BACK TO EARTH also includes a series, a short film, and a graphic novel. The world of BACK TO EARTH was engineered by an award-winning team of experts, including the creation of the story world by No Mimes Media, the visualization of the graphic novel and animated series by M2, and the crafting of the short film by acclaimed director Federico Heller (“Uncanny Valley”). In addition to the current pillars, Space is developing a television series based in the world of BACK TO EARTH which is currently seeking distribution partners.

You can also connect with BACK TO EARTH via the following channels:


Gone is Gone Short Story Collection Release Details: Press Release: "The writer and director of Abruptio are out with a new collection of short stories, called Gone is Gone (and six other fables for your eventual annihilation).

Seven Stories of Dark Horror

A maniac terrorizes a small town. A teenage girl plays an evil game with a stranger. A jilted lover returns from the dead to seek revenge. And more!

From E Stuart Marlowe comes an exploration of some of today’s most frightening and taboo social issues."

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