Directed by Julian Hoffmann and an ode to '80s B-Movie horror, Revenge of the Slasher is now available to stream on Amazon Prime. Also in today's Horror Highlighs: Do Not Reply's Shriekfest Film Festival premiere details, Fantastic Fest awards winners, and Ghost Light Anthology: Cataclysm release details.

Revenge of the Slasher Now on Amazon Prime: "Julian Hoffman's multi-award-winning horror-comedy short Revenge of the Slasher is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide and has been praised for its homage to the 80’s B-horror era.

Official Synopsis: The Autumn Hill Killer, also known as Ernie, seeks revenge against the naive virgin who beat him, as she indulges in all the sex and drugs she avoided in order to survive the massacre.

Written and Directed by Julian Hoffman. Starring: Zac Spiegelman, Catherine Brown, Michael Charles McNeil, Maddisyn Fisher, and Patrick Fedorov.

Watch NOW in the USA:
Vimeo On Demand (Worldwide):"


Do Not Reply's Shriekfest Film Festival Premiere Details: "DATE: Sunday, September 29th, 2019
TIME: 4:00p.m.

LOCATION: Raleigh Studios Hollywood - Chaplin Theater, 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038



Must be 21 years old or older!

DATE: Thursday, Sep 26th, 2019
TIME: 8:00p.m. - 1:00a.m.

LOCATION: Bar Sinister/Boardners, 1652 N Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028


ORLANDO (2 Screenings at Orlando Film Festival)

DATE: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019
TIME: 4:15p.m.

DATE: Thursday, October 24th, 2019
TIME: 2:30p.m.

LOCATION: Cobb Plaza Cinema Café 12, 155 S Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801

Do Not Reply Website:
Do Not Reply Facebook:

Shriekfest Website:
Shriekfest Facebook:"


Fantastic Fest 2019 Award Winners: "Fantastic Fest is pleased to announce this year's Fantastic Fest Award winners. It has been an outstanding year for features & shorts, making the job of honoring a select crop all the more difficult, but our esteemed team of jurors has done the nearly impossible and chosen the best films of the festival.

The audience awards will be presented by accounting firm Maxwell Locke & Ritter (, who provided the certified tabulation of ballots this year and are the exclusive accounting sponsor of Fantastic Fest.

Best Picture: DOGS DON’T WEAR PANTS directed by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää
Best Director: Katrin Gebbe for PELICAN BLOOD

Best Picture/Director: PATRICK directed by Tim Mielants
Special Mention for Creative Vision for WYRM

Best Picture: COLOR OUT OF SPACE directed by Richard Stanley
Special Mention to actress Kiersey Clemons for SWEETHEART
Special Mention to THE POOL for Most Fun Movie to See with an Audience

Best Picture: VALERIO’S DAY OUT directed by Michael Arcos
Best Director: Robin Jensen of FARCE
Special Mention to BUNNY directed by Hunter Ray Barker and Tucker Tripp

Best Picture: BAD HAIR directed Oskar Lehemaa
Best Director: Dylan Holmes Williams of THE DEVIL’S HARMONY
Special Mention to THE HAUNTED SWORDSMAN directed by Kevin Mcturk

Best Picture: THE COLOUR OF YOUR LIPS directed by Annick Blanc
Best Director: Anna Paavilaine of TWO BODIES ON A BEACH
Special Mention to SNOWFLAKES directed by Faye Jackson

1. NO SIGNAL directed by Peter Hall and Paul Gandersman
2. OOMPH COLA directed by Noodles MacIntosh, AJ Ruizesparza, and Familia Venkatesh
3. POLYBIUS directed by Sharon Everitt and Doug Benson
4. JOHNNY ONE ARM directed by Jacob Ryan Snovel and Jayeton Garcia
5. HITCHHEIFER directed by Lee Mendez, Samantha Bennett, Francis Roman, and Mei Makino

For more information on the films listed above, visit"


The Ghost Light Anthology: Cataclysm Release Details: "Aberrant Theatre Presents The Ghost Light Anthology: Cataclysm
October 17th through 31st
Majlis Arts Garden - 163 Walnut Ave, Toronto, Ontario

Following last year’s successful inaugural season, Aberrant Theatre’s Ghost Light Anthology returns with a brand-new format for its next chilling installment: The Ghost Light Anthology: Cataclysm.

Tucked away in a lush and wild secret garden, The Ghost Light Anthology: Cataclysm is a collectively created horror show inspired by the Lovecraftian model of cosmic horror. Created and performed by a stellar ensemble of creators, Cataclysm follows the reunion of six former camp counselors as they return to the place that both forged and destroyed their bond. A trip like this would have been catastrophic enough without outside influence, but when their sour homecoming is interrupted by an earth-shattering event of cosmic proportions, the ensemble finds themselves forced to confront a horrifying question: how far would you go to survive the cataclysm?

The Ghost Light Anthology: Cataclysm builds on Aberrant Theatre’s mandate of creating live horror experiences through a socially responsible lens. When the horror genre is at its best, it’s reflective of the current fears of society. “You’re watching the T.V. and you’re yelling at them: don’t go in there, don’t split up, but they don’t hear you.” says ensemble member Terrah Nitkin. “They go to their doom anyway. That’s like the world right now.”

Built from the ground up by an incomparable team of theatre creators - Kit Boulter, Natalia Bushnik, Madeleine Eddy, Andrew J. Eldridge, Lucy Meanwell, and Terrah Nitkin, under the direction of Jordi O’Dael - this year’s Ghost Light Anthology will take place at Toronto’s Majlis Art Garden (163 Walnut Ave.) on select evenings from October 17th through October 31st. Continuing Aberrant’s commitment to offbeat theatre spaces, this venue is partially exposed to the elements, adding a classic childhood Halloween chill to the entire experience.

"There are many options for spooky fun to be had around Halloween in Toronto, but many of these events don't have a narrative focus. Ultimately, I want to create an experience that is as much great storytelling as it is a chilling Halloween event.", says director Jordi O’Dael.

"This show coincides with the Canadian federal election. There is a lot to be uncertain about, and a lot of scary realities people are facing every day. The thing I love most about the horror genre is its ability to externalize those fears, and truly, what more terrifying time than now?"

Ticketing details can be found at Additional information about Aberrant Theatre can be found at their Facebook page,"

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