The 2017 Salt City Horror Film Festival will feature an impressive lineup of 35mm screenings, including An American Werewolf In London and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. In today's Horror Highlights, we also have details and cover art for the Full Moon Features art book and a trailer for Moggy Creatures.

Salt City Horror Film Festival 2017: Press Release: "(Syracuse, NY) The Annual Salt City Horror Film Festival will take place on Saturday, April 15th at The Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY. This year marks the 12th year since the first event and just like every year will include several horror classics screened on original 35mm print, premieres, celebrity guests and several horror themed vendors. Generally hosting between 7-8 total films along with cast and crew Q&A’s, special features and much more, the all day film event begins at 11am and runs all night.

Confirmed films (so far) :

American Werewolf In London (35mm)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original 1974 version - 35mm)

The Mutilator (35mm - includes rare outtake reel from the director)

Belly Timber (North East Premiere - Digital). Written by Fulton, NY native Dustin Kay

Confirmed guests (so far) :

David Naughton (Star of “American Werewolf In London”)

John Dugan (Actor “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” & “Belly Timber”)

Buddy Cooper (Director of "The Mutilator”)

Edmund Ferrell (Editor of “The Mutilator”)

General admission tickets for the fest go on sale this Friday, November 4th at noon on, The Sound Garden, General admission tickets $30 in advance with separate VIP and package bundles available as well.

Prior to the event the organizers will be showing a special 35mm double feature at The Palace with “The Big Lebowski” & “Purple Rain” the night of Friday, April 14th. Tickets for this event are $15"


Full Moon Features Art Book: Press Release: "AFM : Charles Band’s Full Moon Empire is headed to AFM to showcase their bumper catalogue of classic and new films, and announce their 2017 slate.

“The largest and most unique fantasy/horror film library on earth!” comes to Santa Monica in November as Full Moon present their entire catalog to buyers. For the first time ever, the legendary label will showcase their unique 250+ fantasy/horror library via an amazing, collector’s edition art book.

The 80 page, 8x12 book will feature numerous images per page from every title in the catalog with a small 150-character logline under each film – ensuring the focus is on the beautiful art (see attached sample from the book). These super high-end, heavy books will be available to legit buyers and will be available at bookstores later in the year.

You’ll find Full Moon at Loews (#750) where the room will be draped in black and feature 4-5 large poster boards with images of 150-200 films.

Upcoming for Full Moon are Killjoy’s Psycho Circus, Ravenwolf Towers - episode one and the highly-anticipated Puppetmaster: Axis Termination."


Moggy Creatures Trailer & Poster: "Trick or Treat? Treat!

The first trailer for Scott Frazelle's upcoming practical FX horror feature MOGGY CREATURES has debuted just in time for Halloween!

Genre faves Michael Moon (Day of the Dead 2 : Contagium) and Sadie Katz (House of Bad, Blood Feast) play Michael and Anna, a troubled couple who take in a stray cat hoping to rebuild their marriage, only to have the pregnant animal spawn evil monsters!

Get ready for more treats during the film's crowd-funding campaign.

MOGGY CREATURES hails from writer/producer Frazelle.

More info:"

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