Sleepaway Camp by BJ and Harmony Colangelo is Now Available: "Initially considered "just another slasher film" during its 1983 release, Sleepaway Camp has since emerged as a cult classic due to its talented young cast, remarkable practical effects, and notorious ending. But although the queer themes explored in its memorable final moments were initially intended to shock and unsettle audiences, Sleepaway Camp's empathetic portrayal of its unlikely killer sets it apart from other "trans panic" films of its time.

Together, BJ & Harmony Colangelo assess where Sleepaway Camp falls in the slasher canon and do a deep dive on the film's themes and legacy, exploring how changing attitudes towards the LGBT community has led to both a reclamation and necessary critique of the film by modern audiences.

Sleepaway Camp's divisive reputation has inspired a decades-long debate that changes alongside the attitudes and culture of its viewers. Through historical context, personal memoir, and film history, the Wives Colangelo explain what's kept audiences talking about Angela Baker and Camp Arawak after all these years."

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Mickey vs. Winnie, a Slasher Directed by Glenn Douglas Packard: "Set in the 1920s, the plot kicks off with a disturbing narrative about two convicts who escape into a cursed forest, only to be swallowed by its dark essence. Fast forward a hundred years, and the story picks up with a group of thrill-seeking friends whose nature getaway goes horribly wrong. They accidentally venture into the same cursed woods, finding themselves face-to-face with the now monstrous versions of Mickey and Winnie. What follows is a night filled with terror, as these beloved characters mutate into horrifying adversaries, unleashing a frenzy of violence and bloodshed.

Glenn Douglas Packard, an Emmy-nominated choreographer turned filmmaker known for his work on “Pitchfork,” brings a unique creative vision to this film. Packard describes “Mickey vs. Winnie” as a tribute to horror fans’ love for iconic crossovers, which often remain just a fantasy due to licensing restrictions. “Our film celebrates the thrill of combining legendary characters in unexpected ways, serving up a nightmarish yet exhilarating cinematic experience,” says Packard.

Produced by Packard and his creative partner Rachel Carter under the Untouchables Entertainment banner, and our very own Anthony Pernicka, founder of iHorror, “Mickey vs. Winnie” promises to deliver an entirely new take on these iconic figures. “Forget what you know about Mickey and Winnie,” Pernicka enthuses. “Our film portrays these characters not as mere masked figures but as transformed, live-action horrors that merge innocence with malevolence. The intense scenes crafted for this movie will change how you see these characters forever.”

Currently underway in Michigan, the production of “Mickey vs. Winnie” is a testament to pushing boundaries, which horror loves to do." Learn more at:


HOUSE OF SCREAMING GLASS: "DeskPop Entertainment is proud to be releasing David Williams' terrifying new indie horror film HOUSE OF SCREAMING GLASS on VOD and DVD on May 21st. The otherworldly, surreal thriller is packed with powerful performances, witchy weirdness, and a love of classic horror that shines through every frame.

Elizabeth Cadosia (Lani Call) has lived a life of isolation under the shadow of her mentally fractured mother. On the day her mother dies, Elizabeth receives an unexpected inheritance—a timeworn schoolhouse from her grandmother—whom she has never met. Within the schoolhouse, Elizabeth finds herself entwined in a tapestry of unsettling visions and harrowing nightmares.

As the veil between past and present thins, Elizabeth embarks on a haunting journey through her lineage, unraveling the enigma of her grandmother's identity as a witch. The siren call of forbidden knowledge beckons, and soon Elizabeth is ensnared by the seductive allure of black magic rituals once whispered through time. A chilling metamorphosis grips her, ensnaring both body and mind, as she succumbs to the sinister forces that have long awaited their vessel.

In her descent into darkness, Elizabeth's very essence melds with the schoolhouse, a sanctuary now transmuted into a realm of unspeakable horrors. The ethereal boundaries between human and spectral blur, and Elizabeth's fate becomes inextricably intertwined with the malevolent energies that devoured her. She becomes an enduring specter, eternally bound to the schoolhouse's accursed legacy, a manifestation of the very black magic that consumed her.

A tale of tragedy and sorcery, HOUSE OF SCREAMING GLASS weaves a chilling tapestry of one woman's descent into her own haunted legacy."