The diverse team behind the anthology Tales from the Otherside has launched an Indiegogo campaign. Continue reading for more details on how they're raising funds for the pilot episode. Also in today's Horror Highlights: release details for the Gaslight podcast starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Amandla Stenberg as well as She Walks the Woods, and a Q&A with composer Bryce Jacobs for Daybreak on Netflix.

Gaslight Podcast Release Details: "Premise: Everyone thought Danny (Chloë Grace Moretz) had gone missing. Towards the end of senior year, she vanished one night leaving everyone confused and devastated including her closest friend in the world, Becca (Kelsey Asbille). Weeks later she leaves a message on her parents answering machine telling them she is ok... she’s left voluntarily and not to come looking for her. She also posts under a new and active Instagram profile and she appears to be happy and living with a new older boyfriend. GASLIGHT picks up years later when late one night while as Becca and her new husband and their baby son are having dinner they get a visitor. It’s Danny. Inexplicably after all these years of no contact or explanation, she’s returned. She’s looking to reconnect. As we learn more about her and her boyfriend Ben (John Gallagher Jr.) we soon come to realize there’s something much darker and more sinister at play.

Writer & Director: Miles Joris-Peyrafitte

Produced by: QCODE

Co-produced by: Phillip Wurtzel

Release: November 18th. New episodes will be released daily and the full series will be ready for binge-listening over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Episodes: 10

Runtime: 10 – 15 minutes each


Chloë Grace Moretz as DANNY

Kelsey Asbille as REBECCA

Taran Killam as TOM

John Gallagher Jr as BEN

Amandla Stenberg as SARAH

Chris Ellis as FRANK

Penelope Ann Miller as JANE."

Click here to hear a preview of Gaslight on Apple Podcasts.


Tales from the Otherside's Indiegogo Details: "The TALES FROM THE OTHERSIDE team launched their crowdfunding campaign today on Indiegogo. This radical new anthology series is setting out to raise $10,000 for its pilot episode, “Does It Stink Like Rotten Meat?”, written by Michael Cox, and currently in pre-production. Inspired by the poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes, the story follows a Los Angeles deputy who is brought to poetic justice through mysterious forces after he murders an unarmed black teen. A budget of $10,000 is necessary to make this action-filled episode with the quality and respect a story like this deserves.

Gina Yull, a native of Apalachin, NY, came to Los Angeles to get an MFA in Film and Television Production from Chapman University. Horror has always been a passion of hers from childhood and creating this series has been a dream come true. TALES FROM THE OTHERSIDE will give diverse filmmakers an opportunity to share THEIR horror stories. She, along with producers Rose Toberman and Sumeet Dang, is ready and determined to introduce audiences to a more nuanced kind of horror that is both culturally relevant and terrifying. See you on the otherside!

For more information, please go to the INDIEGOGO link:


She Walks the Woods Amazon Prime Release Details and Trailer: "Similar to “The Blair Witch Project”, the horror film is a story compiled from raw found-footage that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is perfect for fans of suspense, monstrous creatures, and gut-wrenching gore.

Brothers Brad and Mike Rayburn along with their friend Dennis Copley are the creators of Ultimate Survival, an amateur survival web series they hope will take them to the internet stardom. When Hope, an old friend of Dennis’ from film school, reaches out and offers up her family’s tiny cabin way off the grid in the Rocky Mountains, they all jump at the opportunity to use the location for an episode. Over 1600 people have previously vanished from the site, never to be seen again. The Rayburn Brothers and their team of adventurers are about to find out why. Road trip and campfire bonding ensue, leading Dennis and Hope to spark up an old romance, but once they hike deeper into the mountains to film their episode it becomes apparent that something is following them and it’s not going to let them leave."

“She Walks The Woods” released Amazon Prime TODAY!"


Daybreak Q&A with Song Producer Bryce Jacobs: "After a nuclear bomb detonates and turns the few surviving adults into zombies or "Ghoulies" doomed to crave human flesh, post-apocalyptic Glendale has never been scarier for high school outcast Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) and his band of misfits that survived. Their main goal is to stay alive amongst the horde of Mad Max-style gangs (evil jocks, cheerleaders turned Amazon warriors) Ghoulies, and everything else their brave new world brings. If this sounds like another Walking Dead, don’t be fooled because this is a much different zombie story where the humor and pop culture references outweigh everything else. For instance, Turbo Bro Jock (Cody Kearsley) rules with an iron fist and forces his prisoners to play American Ninja Idol – think American Idol, but no one wins. Contestants are instead dropped into a cage where they are devoured by Ghoulies. These sequences are propelled largely by the colorful music choices and the execution of the actual songs, which are much grittier versions now. The man behind these musical sequences is Song Producer Bryce Jacobs. Below Jacobs discusses everything from how the storyline influenced his work to what songs he would personally like to see in Season 2.

What drew you to Daybreak?

Bryce Jacobs: My friend and colleague, Andrea Von Foerster, called me saying that they needed a Song Producer for the show. When she explained the premise of the show and the context of how the songs are baked into the storyline, it was just too good to say anything but “YES!” – I was as fascinated as I was excited.

Music plays a very big role in the Daybreak, as characters have to compete on American Ninja Idol and are literally singing for their lives. If they lose, they are released to “Ghoulies” or zombies and will be killed. As the Song Producer were you in the discussions about what songs were going to be chosen for the show? Or did you begin after this was already decided?

Bryce Jacobs: By all accounts, the specific songs were as integral to the show as the scripts themselves (which made them all the more important to me!). I believe every first choice landed the necessary license (thanks to Andrea’s intensity and skill at securing them). Honestly, I always relish a challenge, so in many ways, having curveballs thrown at me made it all the more interesting - in particular, the diversity of the songs that I had to give some cohesion to.

Daybreak takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where teenagers lived, but all the adults were turned into zombies or “Ghoulies”. How did the storyline in particular influence your job on the show?

Bryce Jacobs: It’s quite the unique storyline – you can’t really say it’s predictable! The show definitely feels like it carves out its own uncharted territory; so in turn, I felt I had some freedom in how I could approach what I was doing. For me, it was directly related to the juxtaposition between the stylistic diversity of the song choices vs the raw fuel of this imaginary band I’d knocked into shape.

How much time did you work on each of the American Ninja Idol performances?

Bryce Jacobs: Some tracks were quicker than others. The songs that had the greatest weight for the narrative were the ones that we spent the most time on. It was an interesting evolution of the process. There were a couple of songs where I had produced up the track, recorded the vocal performance and then they would shoot to it. After that, we’d come back for a final vocal performance to bring all the imperative elements of music, picture, and story together in as compelling a moment as possible.

The first episode features The Smashing Pumpkin’s “Today”. What did you exactly do to this song to make it feel more apocalyptic?

Bryce Jacobs: That was the more literal of the bunch. I am a HUGE fan of the Grunge era! In Grunge, there’s an innate rawness, there’s also a kind of Surf Rock sensibility, plus a little leftover Glam from the ’80s… all this infused with melodious Punk. So when working on “Today”, I just wanted to trash it up a little, drive it in a more industrial direction with an air of garage band angst and edge. This version more closely reflects the world they all now exist in. Being the first of the songs performed, it helped introduce the identity of the band that then gets pushed in a variety of directions (via the diversity of the songs that occur throughout the rest of the season).

On your IMDB it says that you also a Musician on the show, can you elaborate on that?

Bryce Jacobs: Well… I played everything you hear (for better or worse). Beyond singing lead on “Safety Dance” and backing on “Making Love Out of Nothing at All”, I also recorded guide vocals for the actors to follow (sometimes they even shot to those performances before we’d record the actor’s voice itself).

What songs would you personally like to see in Season 2?

Bryce Jacobs: Everything Zeppelin, Floyd, Billie Holiday, Tool, Willie Nelson, Peter Gabriel, Wagner….. etc, etc!!

Honestly, I do love being thrown curveballs to crack open (I’ll probably live to regret saying that!). Where I enjoy music the most is when I’m really digging to find something more interesting as opposed to just joining dots. The pieces of music I’ve been the happiest with are usually the ones I felt have been the most challenging. So, I would really love to see us take this musical aspect of the show into even more bizarre and unique places - to continue to reflect the crazily awesome diversity of Daybreak. I’d love to see us utilize some bizarre non-conventional / post-apocalyptic instruments. There’s a piece of music called “Quartet for the End of Time”. It was written in WWII when the composer, Oliver Messiaen, was trapped in a prison camp. He and a few other inmates found some beat-up instruments lying around and Messiaen wrote the piece with what he had in front of him (like a cello with only two or three strings for example). I’d love to see us explore the Daybreak version of ideas such as that…. it’s amazing the breadth of creativity that can come out of setting limitations.

More information on Bryce Jacobs can be found at "

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