SHUDDER ACQUIRES DEMONIC FAMILY DRAMA THE DEMON DISORDER AND RELEASES NEW TRAILER: "Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thrillers and the supernatural, today announced the acquisition of THE DEMON DISORDER from special effects master Steven Boyle (THE MATRIX Trilogy, THE HOBBIT Trilogy, KING KONG). The streamer also released the trailer for the highly anticipated film, which marks Boyle’s feature directorial debut. Starring John Noble (THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy), Charles CottierChristian Willis, and Dirk Hunter, the film will make its exclusive streaming debut on Shudder in Fall 2024.

The Australian demonic family drama centers on Graham, a man haunted by his past since the death of his father and the estrangement from his two brothers. Jake, the middle brother, contacts Graham claiming that something is horribly wrong: their youngest brother Phillip is possessed by their deceased father. Graham reluctantly agrees to go and see for himself. With the three brothers back together, they soon realize they are unprepared for the forces against them and learn that the sins of their past will not stay hidden. But how do you defeat a presence that knows you inside and out? An anger so powerful it refuses to stay dead?

“We are thrilled that THE DEMON DISORDER has reached its final resting place with our friends at Shudder,” said Boyle.  “It’s a community and fanbase that we hold in the highest esteem and we couldn’t be happier to be on this journey with them!”

“After years of a creating a range of elaborate visual experiences through his work as a special effects designer on iconic films, we’re thrilled to give Steven Boyle a platform for his feature length directorial debut with THE DEMON DISORDER,” said Samuel Zimmerman, Head of Programming for Shudder.  “Full of impressive body horror that fans have come to expect from this master of effects, Boyle’s film is an engrossing story about breaking generational curses that viewers will find both unsettling and amusing.”

The deal was negotiated by Emily Gotto on behalf of Shudder and James Norrie and Nina Kolokouri at AMP on behalf of the filmmakers.

Written and directed by Boyle, along with Toby Osborne (PINDAM) as writer, THE DEMON DISORDER is produced by Boyle and Ally Muller and executive produced by Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig."


HANDLING THE UNDEAD: "On a hot summer day in Oslo, the dead mysteriously awaken, and three families are thrown into chaos when their deceased loved ones come back to them. Who are they, and what do they want? A family is faced with the mother’s reawakening before they have even mourned her death after a car accident; an elderly woman gets the love of her life back the same day she has buried her; a grandfather rescues his grandchild from the gravesite in a desperate attempt to get his daughter out of her depression.

Handling the Undead is a drama with elements of horror about three families, a story about grief and loss, but also about hope and understanding of what we can’t comprehend or control."

Directed by Thea Hvistendahl
Written by John Ajvide
In collaboration with Thea Hvistendahl
Produced by Kristin Emblem and Guri Neby
Starring Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Bjørn Sundquis, Bente Børsum, Bahar Pars, Inesa Dauksta


CTHULHU: THE MUSICAL: "After sold-out performances all over the west coast, Puppeteers for Fears, Oregon's only dedicated puppet musical horror troupe, will bring its original show, Cthulhu: the Musical!, on a national tour of the US, including 27 shows in 25 states.

Far from the lo-fi stereotype of a puppet show, the production features a full cast of five actors with elaborate custom-made puppets, a full-rock band, and projected multimedia backgrounds for an immersive and wholly captivating theater experience.

The play is adapted from the 1929 short story, The Call of Cthulhu,” by horror icon, H.P. Lovecraft, and tells the story of his most famous creation: Cthulhu, a giant, malevolent, octopus-faced elder god who hibernates beneath the ocean, communicating to humans through their dreams, slowly driving them mad. Though Lovecraft is not as much of a household name as writers like Stephen King or Edgar Allen Poe, he is widely considered to be the creator of the genre of gothic horror, and the creatures and themes he created are highly influential on modern literature of all genres. The story PFF chose to adapt is dark, disturbing, and totally unfit for musical comedy—all qualities that make it a perfect fit for their irreverent style.

“We are always looking to turn classic themes on their head instead of rehashing tired storylines,” says PFF Artistic Director Josh Gross. “So when thinking about what our next piece might be, I sometimes add the words, 'the musical,' to different phrases in conversation to see how people react, if it has that magic combination of familiar hook, and new twist. When I said, 'Cthulhu: the Musical,' for the first time, a bunch of heads immediately turned in my direction, and strangers started asking where they could see it. So I knew we had to do that as a show, even though the challenge of turning something so dark into musical comedy was pretty daunting. It was definitely worth it though. There was a lot of comedy to be found and this show is so much fun to perform.”

Cthulhu: the Musical! will be directed by Katy Curtis, and with a script and original songs from playwright Josh Gross.  Performances will feature live puppetry, a full rock band, and multimedia backgrounds courtesy of visual artist and Production Designer, Aubry Hollingshead. It stars Hunter Prutch, Alyssa Marie Mathews, Alex Giorgi, Owen Webb, and Forest Gilpin. "


  • June 13: St. Paul, MN…Turf Club!
  • June 15: Madison, WI…The Bur Oak!
  • June 16: Milwaukee, WI…Shank Hall!
  • June 18: Chicago, IL…City Winery!
  • June 19: Indianapolis, IN…Irving Theater!
  • June 20: Westland, MI…The Token Lounge!
  • June 23: Pittsburgh, PA…Crafthouse!
  • June 24: Buffalo, NY…Buffalo Iron Works!
  • June 26: Concord, NH…Capitol Center for the Arts!
  • June 27: Providence, RI…Fete Music Hall!
  • June 28: Lowell, MA…Taffeta!
  • July 1: Brooklyn, NY…The Meadows!
  • July 2: Asbury Park, NJ…House of Independents!
  • July 3: Richmond, VA…Canal Club!
  • July 5: Raleigh, NC…King’s!
  • July 6: Greenville, SC…Radio Room!
  • July 7: Charleston, SC…Music Farm!
  • July 9: Atlanta, GA…Smith’s Olde Bar!
  • July 10: Nashville, TN…City Winery!
  • July 11: Louisville, KY…Zanzabar!
  • July 13: Knoxville, TN…Open Chord!
  • July 15: Kansas City, MO…Record Bar!
  • July 16: St. Louis, MO…City Winery!
  • July 18: Denver, CO…Meow Wolf!
  • July 20: Salt Lake City, UT…Urban Lounge!


Where Realism Meets Dark Fantasy: BA Defies Genre Conventions: "A resourceful team of BIPOC filmmakers has crafted a genre-bending indie film receiving early praise for its raw emotions and unique storytelling. Ba, a metaphorical exploration of the Asian American and single parenting experience, defies conventional expectations with its unique blend of realism and dark fantasy.

Having premiered at Cinequest and with upcoming international festival screenings at Fantaspoa (the largest genre festival in South America) and Julien Dubuque Film Festival, audiences and critics are praising its fresh perspective and powerful performances. With ex-dancer Lawrence Kao’s portrayal called “one of the best” at Cinequest, a stunning debut lead performance by a young Kai Cech (little sister of Miya Cech), and haunting cinematography, the San Francisco Chronicle called it a “heart-wrenching thriller” and a “must-watch.”

The film's focus on an empathetic, flawed, yet ultimately loving Asian American father is a powerful statement about representation in an industry where such portrayals remain rare. "The story was inspired by my own struggles with fatherhood and being othered during the pandemic. Growing up, I never saw Asian American fathers portrayed with nuance, so I wanted to create a character who defies stereotypes and explores the complex emotions of single parenthood with honesty and vulnerability.” explains writer and director Benjamin Wong.

Made on a shoestring budget, Ba proves that financial limitations don't restrict creativity. Its striking visuals and impactful storytelling are a testament to the team's talent and dedication."

About Ba

Synopsis: "A struggling father agrees to a dreadful deal to secure a better future for himself and his young daughter. However, he soon realizes that his new job comes with terrifying conditions in this dark fantasy thriller."

Starring Lawrence Kao (America’s Best Dance Crew, Wu Assassins), Kai Cech, Michael Paul Chan (The Joy Luck Club), Brian Thompson (X-Files), Shelli Boone, and Jonathan Medina (Primo)


WRONG WAY OUT: "Set in a sleepy seashore town, following a gruesome murder, the film follows Max Crane (Stelio Savante), a tightly wound, grizzled detective, as he attempts to solve a crime with no leads, within 24 Hours."

Produced by E.B Hughes (Exit O, Turnabout), ‘Wrong Way Out’ is executive produced by Clementine Bentley and Michael Pagnotta. The lead cast includes SAG nominee Stelio Savante (Nefarious, Infidel), Randy McDowell (I Can Only Imagine, Mom’s Night Out), Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, St. Agatha),  Corin Nemec (Place Of Bones, I Feel Fine.), Bradford Haynes (Paradise City, Stranger Things), and Deborah Twiss (Kick Ass, Pawn). 

Wrong Way Out is written and directed by E.B. Hughes