The Terminator board game's Kickstarter is in its final hours. Space Goat Play's final Kickstarter push is going on right now. Also in today's Highlights: the return of Ghost Brothers, Splathouse podcast's discussion of Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987), Inside Psycho details, Brian Parker's Washington, Dead City book series, Midnight Syndicate's concert details, and a trailer for Whispers.

Terminator Board Game's Final Kickstarter Details: From Space Goat Play: "Hey Goat Game Heads!

We're in the last days of our Terminator Kickstarter and we wanted to make sure you don't miss out!

First off, we have a chance for you to get the deluxe Evil Dead 2 game if you missed out on it last time!

We've also unlocked a ton of stretch goals and added a bunch of stuff to the SGP Exclusive Termination Box!

Finally, we have some really cool metal add-ons you can get, even if you don't want to get the whole game!

Everything marked with SGP Exclusive is only going to be available from Space Goat, not at retail, and will be more expensive after the campaign. Remember that you'll want to back it here if you want those sweet sweet exclusives.

We'll be back,

Team Space Goat.

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Ghost Brothers Series & New Clip Released: Ghost Brothers will return with new episodes on TLC beginning Friday, March 17th at 10:00 pm ET, and you can check out new clips and details below.

"Featuring TV’s first African-American ghost hunters, GHOST BROTHERS features Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey, budding paranormal enthusiasts on a mission to find out if legendary haunted locations are the real deal. These charismatic characters blend natural curiosity with comedic flair, bringing humor, good manners and southern charm to the spirit world.

In Friday’s episode, the trio travel head into the bayou of Long Leaf, Louisiana to investigate a desolate sawmill that locals have nicknamed the "Mill of Death.” From its opening in 1893 to its closure in 1969, the Long Leaf sawmill was synonymous with horrific working conditions and murder. It's believed employees were murdered by other workers desperate for a promotion, new position or job. The buildings and equipment sit perfectly preserved with some areas harboring a past of tragedy and frightening paranormal activity. Locals now believe that the souls of the numerous employees who suffered tragic fates there are still roaming the property. The GHOST BROTHERS are on a mission to find out who or what is haunting the Long Leaf Sawmill, and why they have remained.


New Episodes air Fridays at 10/9c on TLC.


The GHOST BROTHERS take a passionate hobby to the next level investigating historically haunted and often abandoned locations, testing their own spirit along the way. All raised in religious households, the GHOST BROTHERS were taught that “messing” with the dead is a dangerous business, but some unexplained experiences of their own drove them to find out firsthand just how spooky the supernatural can be. Dalen, Juwan, and Marcus enlist local historians and caretakers to provide the history of the property to better understand what they are facing. When night falls, viewers join the antics of their afterlife investigation as the trio uses local experts, investigative equipment, trigger objects, and most importantly, their southern charm, to help make contact with the other side."


Splathouse Podcast Discusses Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987): From Splathouse: "Girls! Guns! G-strings! Genre! Geography!

This week we watched Emmy Award winner Andy Sidaris’ magnum opus “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” (1987) and, dammit, you should do the same.

We’re joined for the panel by our good buddy Brad F. Henderson (@bradfhenderson) from The ScreamCast (@scream_cast)…

Rockie Juarez (@rockiejuarez) from Talk Film Society (@talkfilmsoc) and Vulcan Video stops by for a game of What Do Ya Know (with the offer to make recommendations on the line…)

Author David J. Moore (@videovalhalla) (The Good, The Tough, The Deadly; World Gone Wild) stops by to talk about his work and appreciate some ’80s action films!

Enjoy this week’s look at Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) and be sure to come back next week for SOMETHING TOTALLY SPECIAL AND NEW AND OMG IT’S STILL A BIT OF A SECRET BUT YOU’RE GOING TO FUCKING LOVE IT!

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Inside Psycho Podcast Details: "Neither documentary nor straight narrative. Neither radio drama nor true crime story. Inside Psycho is a biopic without the pictures. It's a movie with sound only. Every word is either true or tells a larger truth about the making of this classic movie. This is, first and foremost, an entertaining tale of creation and destruction, birth and death, success and failure, awards and notoriety, fear and loathing, firsts and lasts.

If you thought you knew Psycho, hear it with all new ears.

Inside Psycho weaves an entertaining tale of the horrible mass killings that inspired the movie Psycho and the extraordinary struggles involved in making a movie that, against all odds, became one of the biggest hits of all time. A movie that was the biggest risk of Alfred Hitchcock's career. A movie where the star dies after only 47 minutes. A movie its studio hated. A movie the New York Times called “a blot on an honorable career.” A movie now regarded as one of the finest ever made. A movie that changed...everything.

This is not just a show for film-buffs or horror fans. It's a show for anyone with a love of entertainment who wants to hear about the rollicking adventures behind the scenes of a great motion picture. It's a show for anyone who has ever created something great but was still full of fear and doubts. It's the creative journey, and the hero of that journey is the famed filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.

Available On Starting March 24th"


Washington, Dead City Book Series Announced: Press Release: "Franklin, TN—The Washington, Dead City series (Permuted Press) is a zombie series like no other. The three books (Gnash, Rend, and Sever) in the series take readers on a horrifying journey through the battle to save a zombie infiltrated Washington, DC.

GNASH: An ancient fundamentalist organization executes several attacks simultaneously across the globe. In the Pentagon, a deadly viral compound is unleashed and the airborne virus turns the Pentagon’s population into zombies. A former Army officer stranded in the Midwest is forced to fight for his life while his fiancé is trapped in the Washington, DC quarantine zone.

REND: Six years ago, the President made the difficult decision to abandon Washington to the undead—and “The Wall” was built to keep them trapped inside. Now, a new presidential election revives the hopes of the nation as one candidate promises the retrieve the Declaration of Independence and Constitution from behind the Wall. A retired CIA agent must go behind The Wall to save America’s most priceless documents.

SEVER: Escaped zombies from behind The Wall have swept across the northeast, their path marked by havoc and death. Into this nightmare world are thrust several unlikely heroes. A full-time National Guard solider, a small group of refugees, a hero from the last zombie war, and a retired CIA operative will all stop at nothing to eliminate the zombie threat—and save the nation they love.

About the Author: A veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan war, Brian Parker was born and raised as an Army brat. He moved all of the country as a child before his father retired from the service and they settled in a small Missouri town where the family purchased a farm. It was on the farm that he learned the rewards of a hard day’s work and enjoyed the escapism that books could provide. He’s currently an Active Duty Army solider who enjoys spending time with his family in Texas, hiking, obstacle course racing, writing and Texas Longhorns football. His wife is also an Active Duty solider and the pairing brings its own unique set of circumstances that keep both of them on their toes. He’s an unashamed Star Wars fan but prefers to disregard the entire Episode I and II debacle. Besides the extensive collection of horror works, he is also the author of several non-horror works, including the children’s picture book Zombie in the Basement which was written to help children overcome the perceived stigmas of being different than others.

Washington, Dead City by Brian Parker On-sale NOW Permuted Press"


Midnight Syndicate Concert Experience: Press Release: "CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 15, 2017 – Halloween and horror music legends Midnight Syndicate will bring their critically-acclaimed concert experience, Midnight Syndicate Live!, back to the world famous amusement park, Cedar Point this fall. The horror-themed multimedia concerts blending live music, theatre, and the film will run Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays from September 15 through October 29 in the Jack Aldrich Theater at Cedar Point's 21st annual HalloWeekends event.

“We’ve developed a new, even better show that we can’t wait to unleash on audiences,” said Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas. “Our new venue, the Jack Aldrich Theater, is a perfect fit for what we want to do. It will allow us to create an intimate and thrilling experience that guests won’t soon forget.”

“Working with Cedar Point in 2014 was a great experience across the board, so to be able to team up with them again, especially as a part of Midnight Syndicate’s 20th-anniversary celebration, is perfect,” added Gavin Goszka.

“We’re excited that Midnight Syndicate is bringing their live and immersive stage show back to Cedar Point this fall,” said Charles Bradshaw, V.P. of Live Entertainment at Cedar Point. “Fans of their mesmerizing music loved their previous run at HalloWeekends – and they’re going to love this latest production.”

For the new show, Midnight Syndicate will once again be calling upon special effects legend Robert Kurtzman (From Dusk Till Dawn, KNB EFX) and his Creature Corps, David “House” Greathouse (Faceoff, Mushroomhead), Beki Ingram (Faceoff), director Gary Jones (Army of DarknessAxe Giant), 529 Films, EFX-TEK, artist Mark Rakocy, Likeform, and Screamline Studios.

Midnight Syndicate official website:
Cedar Point official website:"


Check Out the Whispers Trailer: Synopsis: "A young couple grieving the recent death of their daughter move to the countryside where they are haunted by their tragedy and a sinister darkness."

Written and directed by Tammi Sutton, Whispers stars Keeley Hazell, Craig Rees, and Barbara Nedeljakova. The film will be available soon on Netflix as well as on DVD beginning March 21st.

To learn more, visit the movie's Amazon page and official website.